Beef to the driver of the large black pickup truck at the Mary Ellen crosswalk. My daughter fell trying to get out of your way but you kept going. Other vehicles stopped to see if she was OK and confirmed you were in the wrong. Shame on you.

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 16

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BOUQUET To All The Way Roofing for being professional, courteous and getting the job done quickly and properly. Your team rocks and the new roof looks great.

BEEF To the taxi drivers who leave their personal cars and trucks parked by our mailboxes on Tamara Drive all day and night. You add congenstion and chaos to our daily mail pickup.

BOUQUET To Terminal Esso laundry. Thank you so much to the lovely owners for all your help that morning. It’s always tough doing laundry with kids, but you made it effortless.

BEEF Don’t beef about tent city – you could end up there too. It’s much better than trying to lay all over the sidewalk. They’re not all lazy layabouts. Have a heart, eh?

BOUQUET To all the servers at Milano’s Restaurant. They are the best.

BEEF To the fast-food restaurant. Come on, not nice to come in and walk on all the cigarette butts at the entrance. Please add a ‘no smoking’ sign in front.

BOUQUET To the young teller at Nored Plaza Scotiabank who moved mountains to correct an honest but costly mistake of a fellow employee which would have cost most of my disability cheque.

BEEF To the one who called the SPCA for yelling at my dog. I do not abuse my dog. When I yell at my dog, my dog listens to me. Come on. I yell at my wife and you don’t call.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo’s home care nurses for their cheerful, supportive and professional treatment of their patients. A special thank you to Cory for solving my problem.

BEEF To the guy in the white electrical van driving through Country Club area. Slow down. Many children live near you and you drive very fast in our neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To the doctor and the mammography and ultrasound technicians of the Nanaimo hospital imaging department. Their kindness, patience and understanding during a recent appointment was very much appreciated.

BEEF To this city for not sanitizing every square inch of the dog parks. You’re ruining the fun of my doggie friends and I to run, chase, catch and roll around the turf and remain clean.

BOUQUET To my neighbour for turning off his roosters on the weekend. The quiet is very much appreciated.

BEEF To the older till lady at a deli. I over-heard you talking negative about other customers while I waited for my food. Your attitude and poor customer service has now made me a regular at another location.

BOUQUET To the woman who helped me when I fell on Bowen Road near the 7-Eleven. Please contact the News Bulletin to contact me. I would love to give you a real bouquet to thank you for your help.

BEEF To the daytime running lights beefer. They were mandated in Canada in 1990 as a safety measure. So that means you are almost three decades behind the times.

BOUQUET To the caregivers at Eden Gardens, for the wonderful care given to Angelina O. during her fight with dementia. Your personal love and attention helped put a smile on her face.

BEEF To the medical office that couldn’t be bothered to at least thank the longest-serving cleaner they had. Appreciate a cleaner who kept your building clean for many years with no sick days, or holidays.

BOUQUET To Bernie at the RDN for supporting our community initiative. His expert knowledge, willingness to help and friendliness made the project a huge success.

BEEF To the beefer about pets such as dogs not being allowed indoors like stores and such; some stores in town allow pets in their stores when it’s hot out and our pets are not second class, they are children to some of us.

BOUQUET Thank you to Michel L. for doing such a super job on hanging our very heavy 18th-century crystal chandelier. It was so hot that day, and Michel volunteered his time, hard work and big heart.

BEEF To those driving without driving lights. Driving with lights is the law. Disabling or not maintaining that feature makes you a lawbreaker, actually voids your insurance coverage.

BOUQUET To Image Optometry. They replaced my eyeglass nosepieces at no charge. We wer so impressed with their friendly attitude that we will definitely be back for further business.

BEEF To the woman on the scooter; you, madam, are a menace in stores. Twice now you have broken displays and knocked things over with your careless driving and with no apology, plus you sneak your dog in where it is not allowed and when approached you are dismissive and rude. If it happens again you will be banned.

BOUQUET To my son and my brother who surprised me with a 2016 Ford Fusion when my car was damaged in a hit-and-run. They didn’t just make my day – they made my life much easier with such a generous gift. You’re both beyond awesome.

BEEF To the people smoking pot at Departure Bay water park on Saturday morning, while your kids played. Not only is pot still illegal, smoking of any substance is banned in city parks. Have some respect.

BOUQUET Thank you to Milestone Contracting. They are building a neighbourhood along two corners of my property and they are fantastic. Kind, courteous and understanding of the stress this places on current residents. Great people doing a hard job.

BEEF To those who sat and watched the community event with their dogs which had to endure tremendous heat and burning concrete beneath their paws. Imagine sitting in that scalding heat wearing a fur coat with no water.

BOUQUET My mother, who is in her eighties, told me that while she was out for her daily walk, a teenage boy coming towards her on a skateboard put his hand up to give my mom a high-five. And as he passed by her, she did. I want to thank that teenager for connecting with a random senior in such a simple and beautiful way. It made her day.

BEEF To the driver of the large black pickup truck at the Mary Ellen crosswalk. My daughter fell trying to get out of your way but you kept going. Other vehicles stopped to see if she was OK and confirmed you were in the wrong. Shame on you.

BOUQUET To Shaun from Island Breeze for a fast and great job installing my new retractable screen door.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

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