Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 14

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BOUQUET To Graham, manager of the Brick. Wonderful service in handling an unfortunate situation concerning a dishwasher, over and above what was expected.

BEEF To the dealership for continuing to bombard me with sales phone calls even after I politely explained that I bought a car elsewhere. This wasted my time and was a huge hassle to deal with.

BOUQUET To the manager and staff at the Aulds Road Coast Capital Savings credit union branch for your assistance. The issue wasn’t the fault of your branch, but staff there were very helpful and provided outstanding customer service in resolving the issue.

BEEF To the man who went into the nice air-conditioned restaurant in Chase River for lunch and left his yellow lab in the back of his pickup in the blazing sun. You do get a bouquet for moving your truck after I threatened to call animal control. And a beef to the men in the parking lot who told me to mind my own business and let the dog sit in the sun.

BOUQUET To the kind people who think to put water out for the wild animals during the hot weather. They surely appreciate it.

BEEF To the person who owns the shepherd cross on Takala Road. Your prey-driven dog attempted multiple times to bite my horse. Your dog nearly got killed by my horse as he kicked out at it, not to mention my horse or I could have been seriously injured if my horse took off on me.

BOUQUET To Susan and Jared at Home Hardware for going out of their way for my family. Great customer service.

BEEF To those who feel it is necessary and OK to smoke pot at the river in front of my children – with their child on their lap. Not appreciated by those of us in a public space. The rap music and drinking wasn’t appreciated, either.

BOUQUET To the Branch 256 Royal Canadian Legion on E. Wellington Road for permitting us to park our cars on your lot while we were on the picket line.

BEEF To the driver in the north-end mall parking lot who did not have the right of way and screamed obscenities and tried to run me over with his car. Even parking lots have marked lines and right of way.

BOUQUET To the man who lives on Wakesiah Avenue, who brought cold, delicious watermelon to the teachers on the picket line. So thoughtful and kind, and very much appreciated in the heat of the day.

BEEF To the inconsiderate person complaining about a pizzeria refusing to do a delivery 15 minutes prior to closing. What makes you think you’re that special?

BOUQUET To the city for picking up the garbage on Railway Avenue on the same days as the complaint.

BEEF To the cleaning service that gives good service except if problems happen and does not repair its workmanship to complete satisfaction.

BOUQUET To our amazing roofing crew Brian, Buck, Corey, Freddy, Andy and Gary for their spendid job in the worst of the heat and their concern for us going through some medical issues.

BEEF To the grumpy veterinarian who called the authorities on me while I was away on vacation. My pet was well looked after.

BOUQUET To the beautiful young lady in line at Quality Foods who gave me, a senior citizen, her blueberries so I wouldn’t have to walk back and get them.

BEEF To the ignorant man walking three dogs on Rock City Road. This is all about your walk – you could care less about their well-being. The black Scottie cannot keep up with you. The dog is limping and dragging back on the leash trying to stop.

BOUQUET To Darlene of Her Beautiful Hair Salon for her knowledge, experience and giving me a fabulous colour and cut when another hairdresser made a mess of my hair. Darlene’s kindness and generosity will not be forgotten.

BEEF Depression is an ugly entity and a person who brings someone else down to feel better about themselves isn’t a person – they’re that entity and that’s just pure ignorance.

BOUQUET To the Dam Poets, inspired by the Colliery Dams, the Colliery Dam Park Preservation Society and all the people who stepped forward to save the Colliery dams and 67 acres of forest parkland.

BEEF To visitors of patients in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital staying in the room for hours until 9 p.m. in groups of nine people, laughing, talking loudly, having no consideration for other patients in the room, having a party like in a pub. Peace and quiet is part of the healing process.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods and the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society for the spectacular Bathtub fireworks – it was exciting and the very best ever.

BEEF To the woman at the medical clinic who was so rude about her opinion that marijuana is a cure for cancer. Where is the current, evidence-based, valid, reliable, repeatable and unbiased research to back up your opinion?

BOUQUET To Nanaimo RCMP for the incredible people and traffic organization after the Bathtub fireworks. What could have been total chaos was smoothly synchronized.

BEEF To the parking company fining vehicle owners parked in the empty lot just below the highrise on Comox Road. Perhaps the owners may have considered opening the property as a community service in the spirit of those who sponsored Symphony by the Sea.

BOUQUET To Precision Detailing and Car Care for the exceptional service. Had to have my passenger seat car cleaned quickly due to an unfortunate accident on the way back from the doctor’s. Precision fit me in quickly and did a great job.

BEEF To the so-called busker on Commercial Street who thanked me for bumping him. I didn’t, but if that’s his way of collecting money it didn’t work.

BOUQUET Symphony by the Sea musical variety show held in Maffeo Sutton Park was a delight with credit to many for the full treat on a lovely summer evening.

BEEF To the big box store. Employees scan items twice and sale prices do not show up. This happens every time. Double check your receipt before you leave the store.

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