Beef to the person yanking down my lost cat posters. I have a list of where I’ve put them and they will come down when she is found. Please be more kind to your community.

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 10

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BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo garbage truck driver. My three-year-old grandson came over for a visit and was thrilled to see a garbage truck on our cul-de-sac emptying all the bins as he just loves watching big trucks and machinery working. You not only honked the horn and waved to him but you got out of your truck and made his day. Thank you.

BEEF To our fire-obsessed neighbour. We put up with your noxious fumes from your wood stove all winter, every day, 24/7. Despite politely mentioning to you how it affects all your neighbours, you don’t care. So now, you have an outdoor fire and have a newly purchased wood-burning hot tub. Maybe time to call bylaw.

BOUQUET To doctors, nurses, techs, and staff at NRGH surgical day care. I was a recent day surgery patient and received excellent care throughout my stay. I was greeted with respect, kindness, humour and very careful and efficient care. I know times have been difficult with short staffing, COVID care issues, support and budget issues, etc. Bravo and enduring thanks.

BEEF COVID seems to be an excuse for everyone and everything. Mostly for price gouging from local government to local contractors to local businesses. You try to do the right thing to shop local, but who can afford it anymore? Try and get something fixed. If it doesn’t cost you your first-born, you have to float a loan. Where are all the workers who supposedly need money?

BOUQUET to Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital for the love and care they gave me when I took our dog in and unexpectedly had to say goodbye. I will forever remember how caring you all were while I said goodbye to my first pet. Thank you so very much.

BEEF To Nanaimo dog owners letting their dogs bark for hours – indoors and outdoors – poodles yapping or German shepherds heard two blocks away. Tough beans to all us shift workers, moms with newborns, recovering cancer patients, anyone just trying to catch a little daytime sleep. Nobel Peace Prize to all you gas-powered pressure-washer guys out there drowning out the barking dogs.

BOUQUET To the sweet, enthusiastic lady who came over to chat with us at Sway’ A’ Lana. We learned you had lost five of your kids and your dog. Yet here you were cruising around spreading a smile to others. Little did you know, I had recently lost my grandma and you reminded us of her so much. I believe you were divinely sent to us and you absolutely made our day.

BEEF To people who cut broom along rural roads, and then leave it on the shoulder where it often stays for weeks. People use the shoulder of the road for walking. This forces pedestrians onto the roadway, often on busy roads with blind corners.

BOUQUET To the wonderful people handing out the ice-cold Agency water at Bathtub Weekend. Thank you.

BEEF To the woman snorkelling near Neck Point Park, removing starfish from the ocean to photograph with your kids. Starfish can’t breathe out of water. Others perish as a result of the stress of handling or from coming into contact with perfume, sunscreen, or other chemicals on human skin. Please be mindful to enjoy the parks but leave plants and wildlife undisturbed where you find them.

BOUQUET To management, sales and delivery staff at Island Home Furniture who went above and beyond to provide excellent service. The outstanding after-purchase care to ensure customer satisfaction was greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the woman in the VW Beetle convertible on Terminal Avenue. I was going at least the speed limit, but the driver behind me swung into the right lane, looked over and swore at me, then sped away. Please slow down and stop road raging.

BOUQUET To our Hammond Bay neighbour who walks every morning and picks up rubbish from the public paths and streets. Your cheerful greetings and commitment to the environment and keeping our neighbourhood clean and beautiful is commendable, appreciated and brings a smile to the faces of the three ladies running whom you greet almost daily.

BEEF To WorkSafe B.C. You talk the talk about heatstroke, washing hands. How about walking through a construction site? Water is a human right.

BOUQUET To Margaret and Tina at Fine Balance Pilates who are wonderful ladies who have introduced me to pilates for the first time in a supported, enjoyable and fun way. Thank you for helping me get back interested in exercise after two years of being housebound. It’s a pleasure to attend each class in your gorgeous pastoral studio.

BEEF To the city and its contractor for not bothering to clean up all the bus shelters. They often have garbage and graffiti and are a real eyesore.

BOUQUET To the staff of Penny’s Palapa who offer great service, a friendly smile and make us feel like we are the only customers even when they are packed. It’s the best summer place to eat ever.

BEEF To the person yanking down my lost cat posters. I have a list of where I’ve put them and they will come down when she is found. Please be more kind to your community.

BOUQUET To Trish at Save-On-Foods who continues to support the fundraising efforts for B.C. Children’s Hospital on paid time and her own volunteer time and efforts. You have a heart of gold.

BEEF To the drug store chain that has giveaway promotions, but only people who own a smartphone qualify. Naturally, they are also in the business of selling smartphones.

BOUQUET To Nicole at RDN. Riding with you was a pleasure. RDN is lucky to have you. Thank you.

BEEF To cashiers who, after asking how I am, bemoan the fact that they are working – as if to seek sympathy that they are not off enjoying the day as I seem to be. When I come through your till, I am running an errand on a well-deserved, precious day off after working long, hard, stressful hours at my job. Turn your negative energy around – it might just help you feel better.

BOUQUET To the local SPCA branch. You do a wonderful job caring for animals, keeping your facility clean and safe and holding summer programs. I bring my dogs to your location every couple of weeks for the doggy wash and am so grateful for everything you do.

BEEF Nanaimo’s mayor shouldn’t make “parking gestapo” comments. It trivializes what people went through under the real gestapo, which does everybody a disservice.

BOUQUET To Anne’s Alterations. You are an amazing tailor in the traditional sense. I am so grateful every time I bring something to you to be hemmed, modified, or created. Thank you for your positive attitude, kindness and extremely frugal pricing.

BEEF To the ‘river people.’ You park, barf, poop, pee, and dump on our lawns and driveways, you change in the middle of the roads, your off-leash dogs ruin our towels and shoes, you drink then drive and leave our home in ruins every summer day. What you don’t see is my fellow residents tirelessly cleaning up after you all. A huge bouquet to the residents. The patience with the river people leaving trash, human excrement, and often times worse is commendable. Bouquets to us. Do better river people. You’re gross.

BOUQUET To the person with the beef about tailgating. When I drive one of our large cars, it happens far less often, and isn’t quite as worrisome. But when we hop on our scooter (which keeps up in traffic) or our tiny convertible, people in big trucks will tuck in a car length behind us at speed, regardless of traffic.

BEEF To all of the ‘thrift’ stores that think they are boutiques now. You may be making a little more money, but the downside is alienation of your customers at every level, and perpetuating price jumps only ‘real’ on the internet. We have all noticed your grasping price tags. If you must, take out the word ‘thrift’ in your signs and call yourselves second-hand boutiques, or collectibles stores.

BOUQUET A big thank you to two residents of the Gabriola condos who volunteer their time to keep the area around Cameron Island clean and beautiful. One weeds, trims the shrubs and the other picks up trash. Bouquets to Greg and Frank as the neighbourhood and walkway is enjoyed immensely by neighbours and local visitors.

BEEF To the NDP and ICBC for issuing a $110 rebate cheque to my friend who drives an electric car. If this is for gas rebate, why provide to electric vehicle owners?

BOUQUET To the kind gentleman who got out of his car while we were stopped at a traffic light to warn me that my gas tank cap and cover were open.

BEEF To the government. Why is Salt Spring Island exempt from vacancy taxes? Follow the money and politicians who live there.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo North Library branch for so much fun for the kiddos this summer. I have fond memories at the library growing up and now so will my babes. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the beefer who wrote about “creating a community where citizens’ basic needs are met while ensuring environmental sustainability,” who then asked who would have a problem with this. Nice try. It’s not the goal people have a problem with, it’s the proposed ways to achieve it. Many feel globalist policies that are not in their best interest are being shoved down their throats. Now, who could be against this?

BOUQUET To all of the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of knowing over the last two decades working at the doctor’s office. Thank you for all of the warm wishes. I’ll miss you.

BEEF To ‘Mr. Wilson.’ Please stop yelling at my kids for being kids. Heaven forbid they play ball in their own backyard during summer break.

BOUQUET To the cashier who came in on her day off the day before this long weekend. I came in very rushed, and flustered from the heat. You were very kind, and I was not my best self. I came back later to apologize and thank you, but you were no longer there. Thank you for your patience with me, and your service to the public. We often could do better and be better.

BEEF To the delivery driver who over shot the loading zone, coming six feet into the bicycle zone damaging my fender and breaking a light. At the very least you could have left a note apologizing. Learn to drive.

BOUQUET To the young man who helped an older gentleman in distress get out of the rapids at the Nanaimo River. Thank you for responding so quickly.

BEEF I noticed that a request for volunteers has been initiated again. After several years in a row of sending an e-mail to the contact provided, never a response. One would think since volunteers are needed, the coordinators would be happy for the help.

BOUQUET To whoever had the piano removed from the mall. Shopping is again a pleasure and not an assault on my ears. Thank you.

BEEF I was informed that a property manager/rental agency wanted to know the value of the applicant’s car. I would have told them to pound sand. Do you doubt for one second that if they were told $50,000, they would not have checked it out? Stay in your own lane.

BOUQUET I was putting empties in the bin at Thrifty Foods at Longwood Station. I pulled the bin lid door onto my head. I know, not smart. I started bleeding from a head wound. Sherry sprang into action, held a compress to my head. I was treated with expertise and kindness as Trevor, Fiona, and the rest of the team helped. I’m sorry I can’t remember all your names. Wonderful, even did my shopping. Sherry drove me home. Thrifty’s is the best.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not maintaining the Bowen Road cemetery. We went to the cemetery to put flowers down on our daughter’s gravestone and had a hard time finding it, for the overgrown grass and debris from cutting the lawns left on the stone. Everywhere we looked it was the same; is no one trimming the stones?

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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