Beefs & Bouquets, April 7

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A huge bouquet of roses to Great Canadian Casinos – Casino Nanaimo for hosting our beer and burger fundraiser. We raised lots of money from our silent auction to support our wheelchair soccer team. Nanaimo Nitros would also like to thank the patrons of Casino Nanaimo for their generosity.

Three bouquets to the following local businesses who recently ran draws I was fortunate enough to win: Mid Island Co-op, Coastline Electrical and Plumbing Services and Winston’s Tea Company. Buying local in these challenging economic times is empowering and your generosity to customers means a lot.

A huge bouquet to Barnacle Bills Marine Consignment for donating your marine supplies to our retirement community for the month of March. Your kindness and generosity made our cruises so special for the residents. Thank you  from all of the staff and residents at the Longlake Chateau.

A bouquet for the person who wrote a beef last week about employers discriminating against older workers. I have been keeping a list of all the companies I know will not hire older people or people who are not from Nanaimo or the Island and do not give them my business. Spread the word.

A Special thank you bouquet to the Fourth Street Panago guys for always carrying my pizzas to the car then holding the door for a new mom. With customer service like that, you now have another lifetime customer.

A huge bouquet of roses to Dr. Paris and the wonderful nurses at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s emergency department for being so patient and kind to my friend when we came in for her breathing difficulties. You made the experience much easier for her.

A bouquet to Tom Winget. Thanks for sharing your gang experiences with our young people. How good of you to teach them the truth about that type of life.

Three big bouquets of gratitude to David and staff at the Nanaimo Port Authority, to Gord at Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing and to the observant and kind person who turned in my purse.

An enormous bouquet to the staff at the Modern Café who helped make our Vancouver Island University Student Nurses Going to Ghana fundraiser so successful. Your support, expertise and generosity was heartwarming. Thank you for donating your restaurant, your time and your abilities to make our event so extraordinary. We would also like to thank the musicians for their contribution.

A bouquet of flowers to Windsor Plywood for the lovely rose on Seniors Day.

Drawers full of sachets to the person who turned in a forgetful bus rider’s blue bag to Nanaimo Regional Transit’s lost and found department. Another good reason why – after we reach a certain age – thongs should only be worn on the feet.

A big thank you to the thoughtful person who put my bus pass in my letter box. I would be lost without it.

A bouquet to the superheroes among us – those who try to save others even though they know the attempt could end in their own deaths. Examples include emergency workers during 9-11, the 28 men who volunteered to stay behind in Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster, and the 50 men in Japan who stayed behind after the earthquake to deal with the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

A big bouquet to the Quality Foods customer behind me. Thank you for the package of meat.

Bouquets of convenience to Port Place shopping centre for having a clock that we can see clearly while we are downtown. Beefs of frustration when we get mixed up because the time is wrong. When the time changes, please fix your clock.

A big beef to several restaurants. After making a visit to the ladies’ washroom, I noticed a lot of the air vents were filthy so I told staff. I was told I had a choice between a clean table or a clean air vent. Why am I insulted when pointing out the obvious problem?

A beef to people who hold garage sales and don’t remove the signs after the sale is over. It’s an annoyance to those looking for sales.

A stinky shoe beef to the irresponsible dog owners in a Departure Bay neighbourhood. We live in a beautiful, friendly neighbourhood, but it’s hard not to notice the piles of dog feces everywhere – even hanging from trees in bags. Every time I take my children for a walk at least one of us ends up stepping in poo. Please think of your other neighbours and especially the children.

A beef to all of those people who leave a return phone number, but say it only once and quickly. If you want the call returned, make it easy.

a beef to all the dog walkers, cyclists, stroller pushers and speeding motorists who trespass through a north Nanaimo strata complex. These people either can’t read the No Trespassing, Private Property and No Thru Traffic signs or they don’t think the rules apply to them.

A beef to the lady who cut in front of me through a loading zone in a mall parking lot recently. I was the only one in the drive-thru – you really couldn’t wait?

A bigger beef to the girl who took her order at the pickup window and told me there wasn’t much she could do about the situation. Yes there is – tell her to get in line like everyone else. Didn’t we all learn not to budge in kindergarten?

A beef to a company that quoted one price for work and then requested another price when the job was completed. A word to the wise: always get your quote in writing beforehand.

Another beef about reality shows. Some weeks ago, I beefed about some of the dumb reality shows on TV. A new show has started that proves my point. The latest show features a man who travels the world, getting drunk in various foreign cities and taking part in dumb stunts. I rest my case.

A beef to the governor of Wisconsin. I agree that unions sometimes get above themselves. They began as a means to secure for their members a living wage, medical benefits, decent working conditions and job security, among other things. It’s when they began the frivolous demands, such as having birthdays off with pay, that they lost some of my support. But the governor stripped public employees of most of their collective bargaining rights. These should be protected by law.

a big beef to malls and stores that plan on being open on Easter Sunday. Shame on you.

a beef. Why do people refer to men as gentlemen all the time even when they act otherwise? Surely we are men and women (not ladies).

a get-a-life beef to our neighbour, who screamed and honked at a bottle collector on our street. I suggest an anger management program instead of bullying folks who work by recycling bottles.

a huge beef to the grocery stores that don’t pick up their shopping carts, which litter our residential streets.