Beef to the lady at the grocery store who upon falling as she left the store decided to repeatedly swear at my teenage daughter who went to ask if she was OK and needed help. No wonder your husband stayed in the car instead of helping you out.

Beef to the lady at the grocery store who upon falling as she left the store decided to repeatedly swear at my teenage daughter who went to ask if she was OK and needed help. No wonder your husband stayed in the car instead of helping you out.

Beefs & Bouquets, April 6

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BOUQUET To my beautiful and brilliant roommate Meeghan S. for here continual and constant support. It is a rare gift to have a friend become a sister and I am so grateful. Much love.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. You still cannot get your financial calculations right. Oh well, the Nanaimo taxpayers will have the misfortune to bail you out of yet another fine mess that you have gotten yourselves into.

BOUQUET To the awesome women who run Suds and Duds Laundromat. Very well done. And so helpful to everyone who comes. Love doing my laundry there.

BEEF To the latest convoy. Don’t you people have jobs, homes and families that should be your main concern right now? There are so many good and worthy causes you could support – instead you have chosen to support a meaningless waste of time. Not to mention burning gas that adds to air pollution and getting in the way of people who are actually working for a living.

BOUQUET To the good people. Those who banged on pots for health care workers, who wore masks and were vaccinated to protect not only themselves but their community and who complied with health orders even when it was inconvenient and a hardship. You truly represent what our flag stands for.

BEEF I am so sorry to see that the nursery is going to be a block of concrete. It has all the makings of being a beautiful park. So sad.

BOUQUET We moved to Nanaimo last month to be with my in-laws, only to lose one only two weeks later. Sadly but surely we carry on with moving the survivor in with us. Everywhere we go we hear ‘welcome to Nanaimo.’ We love it here. Thank you.

BEEF Enough already. A person experiencing homelessness, going through the garbage in an enclosed, private area of a strata complex, up all night in the rain, said his artificial leg was stolen. We need urgent attention to warming centres all day and night, food and housing.

BOUQUET To the Japanese-Canadian Society Seven Potatoes for planting cherry blossom trees in Bowen Park. What a wonderful idea.

BEEF To people who think their rights and freedoms are being taken away. Look to Ukraine and thank God you are Canadian. I lived through the Second World War and thank God for this wonderful country every day.

BOUQUET I was looking for Waterbury Road and I asked two gentlemen. They stopped and helped me find it – there are still gentlemen out there.

BEEF Despite Bike Week initiatives, bike lanes are unswept and like a sandbox. Pretty scary.

BOUQUET To the lady who has the jewelry store in Country Club Centre. She did a small repair on my wristwatch and absolutely refused any payment. So kind.

BEEF To those who don’t know – or do know but choose to think they are above the laws – about parking on city streets. There are bylaws on how far to park from a fire hydrant, crosswalks, stop signs, people’s driveways. Your lack of respect of these rules put others at risk so please use common sense and follow the rules.

BOUQUET To Stephanie at Nanaimo Pet Services for making ‘Elementary Skool’ so enriching for our dogs. She obviously really cares about each one of them and has helped us with many training challenges. We say yes.

BEEF When war is on the agenda, children and relatives of the oligarchies must be the first ones to go to the battle line. I bet you, there will be no more war.

BOUQUET To the staff at Nanaimo Ice Centre for the pleasurable experience I had with my toddler son taking him skating for the first time. Ice rinks bring back so many positive memories for me and by lending him a book about Zambonis and giving him stickers, we felt very welcome and had a lovely time despite the bumps and bruises of learning. Community is real in an ice rink.

BEEF To councillors who just want to push their own ideologies.

BOUQUET Thanks to the wonderful couple couple who found my little dog Jemma. Thank you for your care and concern and our sweet girl is back to herself and pretty as a new penny.

BEEF To the judgmental beefer. I defer my taxes. I never vacation down south. I own one older car – no boat, ATV or RV. On my fixed income I can barely afford to live in my home. My taxes will be paid from my estate, plus accrued interest. So please think before voicing your assumptions. You may be there yourself one day.

BOUQUET To Gwen at Save-On-Foods for going out of her way to get me my jalapenos that I needed for a recipe.

BEEF To motorists driving the wrong way down Chapel Street, including an RCMP vehicle. It is a one-way street.

BOUQUET To the man I see driving by me Monday to Friday as I walk to my car from work. I’m happily married but exchanging our friendly waves is a great part of my day. The world is never so bad a place that you can’t say hello to a passerby.

BEEF To the Nanaimo appliance store that is eager to sell its products and extended warranties but when something goes wrong, won’t stand behind either.

BOUQUET To the driver of the No. 40 bus on Bowen Road for waiting for my grandson as he was running late from school.

BEEF To the driver in the Toyota 4Runner on the Parkway light at Jingle Pot who punched my driver door window three times because he can’t take getting one-upped by a woman. Hope you can get some help for your anger issues. Hope the cops knocked on your door.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo. I recently began swimming at Beban Park pool and was so impressed by the public artwork. I picked up a free publication about the art and stories by Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun. So great for kids and adults alike. Thank you for sharing Snuneymuxw teachings, much respect.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to Jay at McLaren Lighting. He went above and beyond on two separate occasions finding parts to retrofit an antique chandelier. Fantastic experience all around.

BEEF To the dog owner near Green Lake. We watch you let your little dog do its business on the neighbourhood lawns and walk away without cleaning it up. Time to be responsible and do the right thing.

BOUQUET To Judith G. and Roy S. for their letter to editor. Thank you for the reminder about what makes Canada Canada. Your letter was well written and hit the nail. I hope you distribute it widely.

BEEF To the three inconsiderate neighbours in the Jingle Pot area who have been burning for the last seven days and nights. The area has been constantly filled with an excessive amount of smoke. We couldn’t go outside or open our windows. Even a poor venting index rating doesn’t stop them. Burning bylaws are long overdue in this area.

BOUQUET To all the bicycle riders who use bells or call out when approaching from behind. We pedestrians and equestrians really appreciate the heads up.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. Put a sign at the top of Montrose Avenue letting ferry-goers know our quiet neighbourhood does not have access to the ferry terminal. Such a simple solution for travellers and residents.

BOUQUET To Tim L. Since the pandemic, I don’t get downtown much, but I miss walking down Commercial Street and listening to your pennywhistle.

BEEF To the lady at the grocery store who upon falling as she left the store decided to repeatedly swear at my teenage daughter who went to ask if she was OK and needed help. No wonder your husband stayed in the car instead of helping you out. Bouquet to my daughter who tried to help and learned some people just can’t be helped.

BOUQUET Thank you to Harbourview Volkswagen service department. Our new-to-us Golf displayed a warning we’d never seen. We called them and they booked us in early the next morning. It was nothing in the end but they took the time to settle our nerves and get us going again. Still a happy customer.

BEEF Voters should never forget which parties voted to invoke the Emergencies Act. It is a black mark on Canada’s history.

BOUQUET To Luan at the CIBC bank at Country Club Centre for being so helpful with our banking needs. You solved our problems and you were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much.

BEEF To all the people whining about masks, how COVID put off their vacations, and how it’s been such a hard haul. Count your blessings – you could be living in Ukraine and fearing for your life amid destruction of your beloved homeland.

BOUQUET To the beefer about stickers on fruits and vegetables, I agree with you 100 per cent.

BEEF To the politicians getting a photo op in front of a shelter. Have these people no shame? Oh that’s right they are politicians.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Bulletin and the driver who leaves copies in the box in Cassidy. I appreciate you driving so far out.

BEEF To those waving my flag and whining about your loss of freedom. Put your money where your mouth is and ship your vehicles to blockade the Russian advancement and take up arms, then you would have some merit and respect. If you must continue with that behaviour, stop using my flag, you do not represent us.

BOUQUET To those putting together the Beefs & Bouquets, they were forwarded to me on a really crummy day and they made me laugh and some warmed my heart. I love how you alternate them too – makes them stand out on their own so much more.

BEEF To the person driving the company SUV who tailgated me down the entire length of Hammond Bay Road. You may want to rethink your driving behaviour when you have your business name plastered all over your vehicle.

BOUQUET Thanks to Red Williams Well Drilling. You have an amazing staff who are so courteous. The office staff treated us with so much respect. Helped us through a hard time. Thanks again.

BEEF To the owner of the building with an anti-vax mural plus whoever painted and paid for it. Canada’s mandates worked and are working.

BOUQUET To the parents of the three nine-year-old boys at the pool. While I was lifeguarding they approached me to ask if they could go in the hot tub as they didn’t have a parent with them. I told them they had to be 12 to go in the hot tub without a parent, but since they asked I told them they could go in for five minutes and I’d keep an eye on them. When their time was up they were incredibly polite and thanked me for letting them go in. Whoever these kids’ parents are, you’ve done an amazing job of raising polite and thankful boys. Bouquet to the boys for asking and doing the right thing.

BEEF To the grocery stores that eliminated single-use plastic bags and then introduced single-use plastic forks wrapped in plastic in their cut melon packages. Bouquet to Thrifty Foods – utensils are available at checkout for those who need them.

BOUQUET To the beefer who beefed to a beefer who was beefing about another beef. Well your beefing is exactly the same beef you’re beefing about to the other beefer. Cheers.

BEEF To the homeowner on Uplands for the obscene anti-Trudeau sign in the front window. You are near the elementary school. Grow up and vote.

BOUQUET To everyone who participated in the anti-mandate demonstrations – you voted with actions, you demonstrated the fragility of our rights and freedoms against the overwhelming force of the state. It is encouraging to see non-acquiescence and that some Canadians are ready to argue conformity with actions – kudos to you.

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