Beef to the impressions that children get from seeing and reading about free housing, free food for entitled people who do not work but can still buy drugs and alcohol.

Beef to the impressions that children get from seeing and reading about free housing, free food for entitled people who do not work but can still buy drugs and alcohol.

Beefs & Bouquets, April 5

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BOUQUET The Residents of Dufferin Place would like to thank the Harbour City Photography Club for their generous donation/loan of their amazing art work. It has truly brightened up our walls as well as the faces of the residents.

BEEF To the impressions that children get from seeing and reading about free housing, free food for entitled people who do not work but can still buy drugs and alcohol. My six-year-old grandchild wants to grow up to be a homer, someone that does not work and gets money given to them.

BOUQUET To the fantastic staff at Telford’s Burial and Cremation Centre. With the recent passing of my mom, these folks went far above and beyond to make a challenging process as easy on us as possible, and to create an event that suited her personality so well. Special thanks to Brent and Dianne.

BEEF To those who choose to smoke where there are not proper disposal services, like the bus stop in front of our family home where we live with our young children. I don’t want your butts. Same goes for any litter. Please be respectful of our property and take it with you.

BOUQUET To the fantastic staff at Apple Auto Glass. We were visiting from Saskatchewan and needed our windshield repaired. They got us in right away and fixed it for free. Thank you again.

BEEF To VIU for not repairing the elevator. It’s down for months at a time.

BOUQUET To Blair and the team from SignAge for going far beyond the call of duty and printing two signs in record time for the hard-working folks at Maple Sugar Festival and then to deliver said signs to a site full of grateful staff and volunteers.

BEEF To the many well-meaning knucklehead drivers of Nanaimo. I’m speaking to those that back up traffic by letting a vehicle into the flow coming out of parking lots, side roads, etc. Have you ever considered how many vehicle you are holding up by doing so?

BOUQUET To the manager of a coffee shop for the free coffee. It was a great treat for a grateful senior.

BEEF To the verbally abusive cyclist who uses the Coombs rail trail. Stop harassing and abusing the horse riders on the trail. They have every right to use the trail and are careful to be respectful – unlike you.

BOUQUET Thank you to the person who found my driver’s licence and dropped it off at my home. Thank you for your honesty.

BEEF To the garbage collectors in Lantzville. I got a sign on the garbage can saying garbage isn’t curbside. Called them, a lady says they don’t go on gravel on my property. My property ends at my fence; garbage on other side of fence. So angry. If I have to get rid of my garbage why am I paying taxes?

BOUQUET To Kelvin for the gift card because of a mix-up when disconnecting my gas line. Thanks so much.

BEEF To those who report when police are targeting speeders,distracted drivers, etc. By doing so, you are helping these people get away with it.

BOUQUET To Dr. Anne Walsh for her very kind and gentle treatment of my precious dog Bugsy at the end of his life. You are an angel.

BEEF To the provincial government and the City of Nanaimo for putting in a wet house for drug-addicted people in the hospital area. There have been discarded needles in my apartment complex and drug deals in my apartment parking lot.

BOUQUET to the helpful police officer who offered to drive me home when my keys were lost and then she even found the keys for me.

BEEF to the techie who writes his own bouquets and his own positive Google reviews. You are a conniving, untrustworthy person and an unscrupulous, dishonest businessman.

BOUQUET To Const. Dave Scheer of the Nanaimo RCMP bike patrol for rounding up the graffiti bandit who defaced the Vancouver Island Military Museum. To have him stand before the board of directors and apologize was very much appreciated.

BEEF To the Kinder Morgan protestors. The fossil fuel issue is small change compared to the destruction of marine life caused by plastics. Our source of seafood is being destroyed, so do us all a favour and protest something worthwhile.

BOUQUET To the lady at the Backyard Wild Bird Store. Your customer service went above and beyond. Lovely store.

BEEF Parents, were you watching what happened at tent city? That $350,000 that city hall suddenly found could have gone a long way to help your kids. If you don’t do something soon, your kids will never be safe in their playgrounds, parks, schools because of the trash and needles.

BOUQUET To the staff at NCC for always supporting me through the years and not kicking me when I was down. And all my bros too.

BOUQUET To A.J. and Devon at Nissan Nanaimo who made buying our Qashqai a great and pleasant experience. Nice young men and an asset to the dealership.

BOUQUET To Rotary, Gyro and other service clubs who contribute to the community through their volunteer efforts.

BOUQUET To all the humans that enjoy life with a smile on their face and a giving heart. Truly brings joy to the world.

BOUQUET To Beefs & Bouquets. Quite some time ago you published a bouquet from a lady who was delighted to have the plastic bowl on her old food processor repaired by Industrial Plastics. My Cuisinart processor bowl was cracked and it was graciously repaired by Industrial Plastics.

BOUQUET To the city councillors who support Nanaimo Recycling Exchange’s efforts to remain open.

BOUQUET To the lady at Bosley’s in north Nanaimo, who, when her store did not have what I was looking for for our dog, volunteered to call other pet stores for me. We have an older dog with cataracts. She called another store that had the special goggles we needed.

BOUQUET To Const. Alex Zdeb, Lifeline, Melissa, Steve and Deanna for their concern in an incident due to valid human error. Aren’t humans interesting?

BOUQUET To the paramedics and especially Wade who was so kind and caring during the emergency call to my home last week. Thank you also to Dr. Sonntag and nurses at the Nanaimo hospital ER. We are truly blessed to have such caring and dedicated workers attending to our medical needs.

BOUQUET Thank you to the gentlemen at the mall who witnessed my fall. Your kind offer of help was appreciated. Only my pride was hurt.

BOUQUET To Craig at R-U Computing for always going above and beyond with his quick, knowledgeable and friendly service. I am forever indebted to the amazing service he provides.

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