Bouquet to all workers who are providing necessary services to the public during this time of social distancing. Your efforts are appreciated.

Bouquet to all workers who are providing necessary services to the public during this time of social distancing. Your efforts are appreciated.

Beefs & Bouquets, April 29

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BOUQUET To all the amazing grocery store workers, getting up every day, going to work and risking their lives while others get their weekly or daily supplies of food and other needs.

BOUQUET To the delivery drivers who deliver food, medication and other essential things during this time. We appreciate you.

BOUQUET To the counsellors reaching out to their clients to ensure they are OK. Mental health is challenging in these uncertain times and having someone to see and talk to via Zoom helps.

BOUQUET To the Service Canada workers who are working under a lot of pressure to get money to those who need it. The needs and policies seem to be changing daily.

BOUQUET For all the folks in the restaurant industry. Without them I’d have likely starved. I’m sure there are other people who are alone and dealing with mobility issues, who are relying on food deliveries to get through.

BOUQUET To the police and 911 operators who are front-liners to people who may be struggling and afraid.

BOUQUET To Buy-Low Foods and their employees in the Harewood location for taking great measures to be exceptionally clean, even before it was necessary. Consistent sanitizing of grocery carts and counters has been appreciated. Thank you.

BOUQUET To all the grocery and convenience store clerks, like Joe, who put their physical and mental health at risk every day as they try to provide some semblance of normality for the rest of us during these crazy times.

BOUQUET To all the men and women working at the banks during a busy, stressful time for them.

BOUQUET To all of the small local courier companies that show up to work every day to make sure you get what you need without leaving your space. And thanks for putting the needed measures in place to keep us all safe.

BOUQUET Thank you to all delivery drivers; stay safe.

BOUQUET The Old Ashes Retired Fire-fighters Club sends out kudos to all first responders. ‘Passing the baton’ is an understatement. The challenges during COVID-19 is beyond anything they have experienced in their many years of service and truly amplifies their dedication and commitment to our community. A salute to our brothers and sisters in all aspects of front-line defence, thank you.

BOUQUET To all the mail, courier and delivery persons, huge thank you to all of you.

BOUQUET To all workers who are providing necessary services to the public during this time of social distancing. Your efforts are appreciated.

BOUQUET To all the workers in the front lines during this distressing time – hospital workers, police, fire, ambulance, grocery clerks, postal carriers, civil servants, everyone who is out there doing their jobs.

BOUQUET To all essential services workers. We understand the risks you are taking and greatly appreciate all you do to help us cope and be well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you and stay safe.

BOUQUET To all the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line for all of us. You are the true heroes of this pandemic.

BOUQUET To my husband who gets up and goes to work every day. It’s stressful and I can see it and hear it on him.

BOUQUET Grateful shout out to all people who are putting themselves and their families at risk to serve the community. Especially those heroes making minimum wage; you deserve better.

BOUQUET Thank you to postal workers, truck drivers, construction workers, drive-thru workers as well as our front-line workers. You have been the life savers in this mess.

BOUQUET Thank you to the truck drivers, grocery store works, clerks in the essential services retail sector, bus drivers, social workers, bank tellers, mechanics, bookkeepers, dentists, accountants and income tax preparers and so many more. You all deserve a thank you too.

BOUQUET To the postal workers, with you still facing it all and getting our mail to us, I was able to learn of my teenager’s health concerns, as a mother I am so grateful for your selflessness. Please stay safe and hope you see this because I’m forever grateful for you.

BOUQUET To all the cashiers and grocery stores’ employees who are going above and beyond when everyone else is going crazy. You are heroes, every single one of you.

BOUQUET To postal workers and delivery agents who are unsung heroes in this current crisis. Their continued work is why my business is still running. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the grocery store workers, truckers and managers for continuing to take risks and focusing on keeping our grocery store shelves stocked, and panic down. You are showing me iconic Canadian culture, and I am grateful. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the construction workers like my son who are deemed essential services.

BOUQUET Huge thanks to everyone who is doing their part to help us as a community get through these hard times. This includes the Service Canada workers who are working so hard under very trying circumstances to get money to those who have been impacted. They are part of the big picture. Keep up the excellence everyone.

BOUQUET To the boys at Seaspan/Pactow who are working through this to bring us all of our groceries and household goods during this time. You guys are very well appreciated in these times. Us truckers thank you.

BOUQUET To my girlfriend for continuing to go to work five days a week at her job, deemed an essential service, throughout the pandemic, even though she is immuno-compromised. Thank you for everything you do for us.

BOUQUET Gratitude to the lovely employee at London Drugs Port Place who is working during this pandemic. She has not seen her daughter in weeks (to protect her). A big thank you to everyone still working.

BOUQUET When we thank our health-care workers, we must not forget to give our thanks to all the grocery and pharmacy clerks and cashiers who are there for us during this difficult time. They are also vulnerable to the spread of illness and deserve our respect and gratitude.

BOUQUET To Joel, a Click and Collect delivery person. Your friendly and calm attitude, smile, and pride in customer service is just what the world needs right now.

BOUQUET To Dr. Savoie at Terminal Park Dental Clinic for an emergency. Thank you so much for coming in to the office.

BOUQUET I don’t know who the crew was that got the water back online for the hospital and area in an extremely timely manner after the water main burst, but that crew deserves a medal. In this time right now clean water is imperative for everyone and the loss of that could be absolutely devastating.

BOUQUET To all the staff at the Salvation Army New Hope Centre. All staff are going above and beyond to help Nanaimo’s vulnerable feel safe and supported. The kitchen staff is doing incredible work by offering free nutritious meals to the people who need it most. Thank you all for your hard work and making the world a better place.

BOUQUET Thank you to Thrifty’s at Port Place. They have done a superb job of setting up an easy way for customers to shop during this difficult time. Go and have a look at it and shop there to realize the thought and work that has gone into this.

BOUQUET To the food delivery men and women working through this time. You deliver comfort and sanity and while I feel terrible that you are working overtime delivering burgers and fries to those of us stuck inside, I’m very thankful to you. Please tip these heroes generously.

BOUQUET To Ralph from Mid-Island Towing. He came to the rescue of a distraught senior when my car would not start recently. With the COVID-19 lockdown and the fact that this occurred late on a Friday afternoon, there were no automotive repair shops available. Ralph rescued me and went above and beyond to make sure I could be safely on my way. Thank you.

BOUQUET Thanks to Walmart staff for doing a great job not only keeping everything clean but also for limiting the number of customers in the store and for handing out water free of charge to those waiting to get in. Shopping for groceries has become a challenge during this stressful time and what you are doing is very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To the staff members of local grocery stores for doing everything you do to ensure that the rest of us have enough to eat – both essentials and treats – to help us through these strange times. Thank you.

BOUQUET Appreciation to first responders and other essential workers, as well as to people at home doing their part.

BOUQUET Thank you and high praise to Quality Foods on Turner Road for the superb environment they have made in this COVID-19 crisis. I have shopped there for 25 years and I am so grateful to the staff.

BOUQUET To the waste collection truck drivers for waving and honking for my toddler when they pick up our bins. They go above and beyond, and they make his day.

BOUQUET To the city workers replacing the water main on Laguna Way. Today they helped the grocery delivery person get my groceries to my front door.

BOUQUET I cannot properly express my gratitude and admiration for all those in the grocery sector. All of you amaze me. Your willingness to assist us with our daily needs, under extremely difficult circumstances is inspiring. The fact that you can do so with sunny dispositions and cheerful attitudes is astounding.

BOUQUET To Navi and all the staff at Canco gas bar. Your smiles brighten our days in the most wonderful ways. Thank you for your positive energy. Your attention to cleanliness is absolutely fabulous.

BOUQUET To everyone working to keep supply lines open and flowing. Drivers, shippers, warehouse personnel. Your commitment to keep supplies moving and stores stocked through this time is tremendous. We appreciate the difficulties in changing work practices in order to safely ship our products, and we applaud you for so willingly making those changes. Know that you are appreciated.

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