Beefs & Bouquets April 25

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a Bouquet to Wal-Mart for a speedy response to a complaint regarding shoes purchased from the Nanaimo store a few months ago. It only took one day for this problem to be rectified to our satisfaction. Good service.

a handful of beautiful nails to Neon Nail Studio. Your excellent skill and friendly service was enjoyed. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

A Gigantic Bouquet to Quentin’s family and friends for the SPCA donations for his eighth birthday. He raised $150 and collected cat and dog food as well. Way to go, buddy. We love you as big as the sky. Love, Mommy and Daddy.

A bouquet full of mums to a nephew who goes above and beyond what any 21-year-old I know of has. You accepted the role to care for your terminally ill mother – a round-the-clock job that has allowed her to stay at home and still have a good quality of life. There are not too many young men in this day and age who would have the patience and courage to do so and you are an inspiration to us all. We are very proud of you.

A pocket full of good fortune to whoever turned my son’s wallet in to the RCMP after he lost it.

thank you to the Bayview Elementary School parents for their years of dedication to fundraising for a new playground. Thanks to the install crew of parents. Hours of fun ahead for the kids.

a bouquet to the staff at Home Hardware in Brooks Landing, who are so helpful and friendly. From the deer repellant and hedge trimmers, they’ve got you covered. Do yourselves a favour and try them out. You will be glad you did. From a happy customer.

Thank you to Jean and Dutches for the gift. I will miss you and will miss Dutches’ kisses. Please hug Nat for me.

a thank you to the lady who helped me at the hospital when I had trouble getting my husband in the car. She took the wheelchair back inside.

Huge thanks to ABC Precast and Ready Mix, Rona Building Supplies and United Rentals for supporting the playground install at Bayview Elementary School. It is great to have this kind of community support.

God Bless America for their two recent tragedies. May they recover quickly.

a huge bouquet to Kirkbride Painting and Decorating. Owner Dale and employees Joe and Brandon did a wonderful job of painting my condo and cleaning up each day. It was a positive experience at an affordable price.

a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses to Sam and Bonnie, two complete strangers to me who cut down all the blackberries and mess that caused my fence to fall over. Their kindness and generosity has me in shock. Two and a half hours of hard work – how amazing.

a field full of sunflowers to the nice couple who found me in the hospital parking lot. Your kindness was much appreciated.

a huge thank you to all the mountain bikers and others who helped the Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club build Fine China, the area’s first provincially approved mountain bike trail, in the Doumont area. All of that hard work hauling dirt and lifting rocks has paid off with a fun trail for locals and tourists alike to ride.

a big thank you to Brenda for all the help an elderly couple could ever need.

A SPRING BOUQUET to Lynn at John’s Bedroom Barn. She helped us match and choose a futon/sofa bed and it looks great in our living room. Thanks for being so patient with us.

a large bouquet of daisies to my family for devoting a weekend to helping me throw a big party. A lot of work needed to get done, but many hands made light work.

A bouquet to Sears for donating $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island.

A big bouquet to all the staff at the Nanaimo News Bulletin for all their good work in promoting community events.

A beef to the man and woman crossing the Island Highway during rush hour on bicycles with their small children in tow. With how bad drivers are in this town, you are endangering the lives of your children. The kids looked to be between four and seven years old; they would have had no choice but to follow their parents into a life-threatening situation. Shame on you.

a silent spring to the owners of multiple predatory outdoor cats who constantly dig in our vegetable seed beds and, worse, have killed hummingbirds nesting nearby. Keep them indoors, please.

a needs-improvement beef to a local company for its treatment of long-term employees. Good managers protect and nurture employees and do not treat them like expendable commodities.

a warning beef to a used car dealership for quoting one price to a man, then when a lady comes in, giving her a higher price. Not good for business.

a beef to people who go for high-fives. High-fives are stressful for those of us who lack hand-eye co-ordination. After the inevitable mis-hit, we see the disappointment on your face and feel inadequacy and shame.

a beef about the bus schedule. The current schedule forces me to change buses twice to get from my house to the centre of town and buses do not run frequently enough.

a beef to the city. Our road is falling apart because cars use it as a freeway instead of a residential street. Why can’t they put up a barrier?

a beef. Why do they want seniors to pay on the ferry? Doing that will not get them millions back and once again the seniors lose.

a yard full of dog doo to the pooper scoopers who place their dog waste in a bag and then toss it in the bush on the Parkway Trail at Dunster Road. You might as well have left it to rot instead of hanging in the trees forever.

a gross beef to the store that put some meat nearing its expiry date on sale. Not realizing the situation, I bought some and when I went to cook it the very next night – the meat was transferred from the cooler in the store to my fridge in about 15 minutes – it was already rancid.

A beef. After announcing that tuition fees are going up, the university is buying bakery and deli trays. I’m sure the culinary students could have made them.

a beef to whoever keeps destroying the crosses on the side of the Island Highway in Cassidy.

A beef to the cost of recycling yard waste. What was $6 for a small pickup truck load last year jumped to $7 and is now $10. And if you pile the branches, leaves, etc., up to get your money’s worth, they ding you with an overload charge. The claim is composting companies are raising their rates. Why do we pay to drop off a truckload of compostables and then pay for a truckload of the finished compost? Something stinks and it isn’t the compost.

A Beef to drivers who tailgate when I am driving the 30 km/h speed limit past schools.