Bouquet to Mommy for being the best mommy in the world.

Bouquet to Mommy for being the best mommy in the world.

Beefs & Bouquets, April 22

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BOUQUET Thank you to Home Depot and their employee for his kind consideration and excellent service during the purchase of my washing machine. I love my Maytag.

BEEF To our illustrious government on all levels and on all sides. How ill-prepared you have made us is now clearly evident. A few sick people and we declare an emergency. Where have all our tax dollars gone over the years? This should be a call to clean house from top to bottom.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin. You have published a few of my statements and I thank you. I think this is a very good way for people to speak their minds.

BEEF To the director of transit who decided to not provide hand sanitizer on buses during the worst outbreak since the 1918 flu. To deny passengers the option of preventing the spread of disease on the premise that ‘transit riders’ (he means homeless people) will drink it. Prejudiced to say the least.

BOUQUET To Luke at Nanaimo Appliance Service for his above-and-beyond service. He found a solution to repair our coffee maker when the part required was not available in Canada.

BEEF To all the hoarders. I really just need some TP.

BOUQUET Thank you to the new neighbour who saw my husband fall down with a stroke and got help right away. Husband is fine because of fast action and help.

BEEF To the people who don’t follow social distancing. I didn’t want you near me before this pandemic, but especially now. Keep your germs.

BOUQUET To all the kind and willing people in Nanaimo for taking time out of their busy days to assist two senior ladies struggling to move a wheelchair in and out of their car. Many thanks.

BEEF To those who find it difficult to understand the protesters’ view of pipelines and drilling in our country. Please try to understand all the money in the world is not going to fix Mother Nature after what we have done to her.

BOUQUET To Marty at Gulfview Computers. You took a stressful situation and turned it into a positive one. Thanks to you, our computer works like a charm and we are very grateful.

BEEF To the beefer who referred to 19-year-olds as lazy children. Clearly you are not living in this decade, as you are unaware of the daily cost of living. Most likely you are a mature individual who grew up in a time where everything was cheap. Now all younger citizens are paying for your pension, meanwhile, struggling to make a living and attend school, due to rising costs.

BOUQUET To Mommy for being the best mommy in the world.

BEEF To the person that dumped their unwanted pet bunny at Pioneer Park. It ended up getting killed, likely by the feral rabbits you left it beside. Shame on you for letting an animal suffer an awful death.

BOUQUET To Mary and Kiyo. Lots of love from your retired newspaper lady. You two are the best.

BEEF To the boomer beefs about affordable housing and education costs. You would never be able to afford a house in this day and age, nor would you be educated enough to get a job.

BOUQUET To Liz at Wellington Medical for taking extra time with me on the passing of my sister. It’s nice to know there are still people with compassion around.

BEEF To the manager at the coffee shop. Those kids should not be working during this time.

BOUQUET To the amazing caregivers at the Selby Jolly Giant. Thank you for providing so much love and nurturing to our little people. We appreciate you.

BEEF To the non-profit’s board of directors. Shame on you for allowing your volunteer staff to be abused. If you’re going to abuse volunteers, you should be prepared to volunteer yourself. Then you could see for yourself the abuse you condone.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Kennel Club for offering as a public service to the community very reasonably priced obedience classes. A big bouquet to the very friendly and knowledgeable instructors.

BEEF To the older couple who thought it was funny when I moved off the trail at the Colliery Dam after he sneezed without covering his mouth. With everything that is going on right now you are both old enough to know better. Sneeze into the crook of your arm, please.

BOUQUET To the two kind men who picked me up after a serious fall outside the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store and to the kind nurse Wendy who took care of me.

BEEF To all you people hoard-shopping.Those of use with pre-existing life-critical illnesses need groceries too. Share people and think. Buy for a week like you usually do and there will be plenty for all of us. And shame on the grocery store for jacking your prices on meat.

BOUQUET To Chase River Veterinary Hospital for the compassion and kindness Dr. Sakai provided for my beautiful Bailey, my best friend and sweetest dog to all. Much gratitude in this painful time. The world is better with people like you and your staff. Namaste.

BEEF To the veterinarian treating patients in the parking lot. A lady was crying and saying goodbye to her elderly pet. They could have had one patient at at a time in the waiting room.

BOUQUET Well done Shelby and Doug on your baby girl Lylah, sister for Sawyer, my 11th great grandbaby. So proud!

BEEF To the health ministry of British Columbia for not telling citizens of geographic location of coronavirus cases on Vancouver Island. Do we just stumble into it and contract the virus?

BOUQUET To the gentleman at the eye clinic who helped jump-start my SUV. You are very much appreciated and one of a kind.

BEEF To all the Gulf Islands populations. If you don’t want me to come to your sanctuary to visit please don’t come to the big Island to visit. See who wins.

BOUQUET To the stranger who puts up the very colourful cute signs around the city. You bring me joy on every outing. I look forward to finding more. ‘Today I will be disco cactus.’

BEEF I walk around Westwood Lake regularly and am appalled at the amount of garbage people toss beside the pathway: coffee cups, tissues, food wrappers and bags of dog poop. Shame on you! There’s a garbage can in the parking lot, carry your garbage out with you and preserve our natural spaces. So sad that people don’t care about our environment.

BOUQUET To our fabulous Vancouver Island Symphony and to all of the generous patrons who donated their cancelled performance tickets back to the VIS. More than ever we need to support our musicians who give the gift of their beautiful music to the lucky people of Nanaimo.

BEEF To the travellers returning from vacation who feel it is all right to shop for groceries before going into 14-day isolation. You are not only putting the staff at risk, you are putting everyone else around you at risk as well. Self-isolation means that you go home immediately. Have someone else do your shopping.

BOUQUET To the outreach workers who help the city’s most vulnerable especially the gentleman seen handing out water bottles to the homeless. Your work is appreciated.

BEEF To the owner of the restaurant for not paying out his employees who have been laid off due to COVID-19. Also not to mention the fact he regularly harasses his female staff.

BOUQUET To our Canada Post letter carrier, thank you for your lovely smile and hellos to all who pass you every day. Through snow, sleet, rain and now COVID-19, we appreciate your service.

BEEF To the Liberal government for trying to seize unprecedented power like never before in history even in wartime. Never kick a person when he is down as it will be remembered next election.

BOUQUET To Blair at Chase River Country Grocer who found my wife’s wedding ring when sweeping and returned it to the service counter. It is integrity and kindness like yours that keeps us loyal customers. A thousand thanks.

BEEF To the beefer so unkindly beefing about the person with older lost cat notices. Perhaps a little kindness in letting them know the notice you speak of has become unreadable, in case they are not aware. An offer to take them down perhaps. This cat might be their only family.

BOUQUET To the manager of the 49th Parallel Grocery in Cedar for keeping the community well-stocked with basic necessities and to their staff for being friendly and on the front lines of this COVID craziness. And huge kudos to all those who keep necessary services open and available during these troubling times.

BEEF To my boss who, during the COVID-19 outbreak, said we could not work from home because he wouldn’t know if we were working or watching Netflix. He has now decided to work from home. This is a dismal display of leadership and there is nothing he can ever do to earn my respect back.

BOUQUET To the Vancouver Island businessman who donated industrial-strength masks to ER doctors short on N95 masks. God bless you!

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Beefs and bouquets

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