Beef to sneaky food packaging. Why is there a cardboard flap hiding the bacon end cut? I want to see if there is any meat, not just a bunch of fat. And why are candy boxes only half full? (The News Bulletin)

Beefs & Bouquets, April 20

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BOUQUET To Woodwerks. They repaired a broken dining room chair so beautifully you couldn’t tell it was damaged and even fixed a prior bad glue job from another shop.

BEEF To sneaky food packaging. Why is there a cardboard flap hiding the bacon end cut? I want to see if there is any meat, not just a bunch of fat. And why are candy boxes only half full?

BOUQUET to the firefighters who stopped to give our three-year-old grandson stickers while he was waiting to give the garbage man treats. He was ecstatic to sit in the truck. You are all amazing.

BEEF To all the bouquets which are just poorly disguised advertisements and self congratulations.

BOUQUET To Vince of Neat and Tidy Landscaping, a hard-working, resonable and meticulous gardener.

BEEF To our neighbour who got defensive and rude and told us to rent elsewhere when we asked if they could try to prevent their three dogs from barking, snarling and baring teeth at our young, quiet pup and our children along the chain-link fence.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who proposed low-rise housing, green space, boardwalk along water and a farm market at 1 Port Dr. That’s something we can all get behind.

BEEF The new turn lane from Highway 19 onto Mostar Road is extremely dangerous. At least twice a week I come close to getting into an accident. The motorists who are now supposed to yield onto Mostar don’t even slow down.

BOUQUET To the 80 per cent of Nanaimo voters who had the good sense to say ‘no’ to the $80 million event centre.

BEEF To our backyard neighbour and her rude landlady who decided that the best way to control their dog’s constant barking and create privacy is to tie 60 feet of filthy, torn blue tarp to our new chainlink fence. How to turn your zen landscape into a junk yard in one easy step.

BOUQUET When the ambulance came I did not know I would have a pacemaker that day. I have high praise for their service. The supervisor ensured that I would not go to the hospital until it was right to do so.

BEEF No need for the woman who “mistakenly” parked in a handicapped spot to complain about the “cruel” note left on her windshield. Given the size of the handicapped signs, she must be blind.

BOUQUET Thanks to the ladies and staff of the north-end library that came to my aid when I tripped and fell at the entrance. Your concern is very much appreciated.

BEEF To Mypoic Minutia. What is this “real world” you speak of and how does one gain access? Come down from on high and share your great knowledge with the rest of us bitter folk, with our constant complaints and petty grievances.

BOUQUET Thank you to the bobcat operator who came to the rescue of a senior lady off of Bowen laneway and cleared a large mass of snow left by the city plow, blocking our only access.

BEEF To the person on our street that has a fire pit on a small property and burns pallets. The smell is dreadful and it is against the law.

BOUQUET To Elaine and Shelby of Dominion Lending for making our daughter’s 40th karaoke birthday a wonderful night at Windward Pub.

BEEF To cashiers at beer and wine stores who put tip cups beside the cash register. Will I have to start tipping when I go to Wal-Mart? You only rang up a sale, I don’t see the need to tip.

BOUQUET To the staff and management at Brooks Landing Tim Hortons. You by far give the best service both in the drive thru and at the counter. Keep up the good work.

BEEF To the downtown organization for giving away taxpayer assets and giving our tax money to a new puppet organization. No wonder they needed to dissolve.

BOUQUET In my retirement years I have had more than enough opportunities to go shopping. Kudos at the great service our Nanaimo retailer and restaurant staffs provide. One of these that deserves my special recognition is Home Hardware. All I can say is ‘wow’ about their service.

BEEF To the person who complained about “myopic minutiae.” The needs of disabled persons may be “minutiae’ to the beefer, but they are not to those who need the parking spaces. If you can’t see a handicapped parking spot, perhaps you should have your eyes checked.

BOUQUET To all those who got out and voted against the events centre proposal.

BEEF To her neighbours that continually harass her, a military veteran, and forgetting that it’s because of the Canadian military they enjoy the good life and freedoms they do have.

BOUQUET To our very courteous, informative, knowledgeable, patient library staff.

BEEF Why are we all using our printers, costly printer-ink and computer paper to run off monthly statements for corporate behemoths?

BOUQUET To Ivan at Aqua-temp. I phoned to have my hot water tank replaced. After checking my existing tank, he assured me it wouldn’t be necessary to replace it for two-to-four years. We are fortunate for honest, ethical people like Ivan.

BEEF So much for user-friendly downtown Nanaimo. Went downtown to pick up my tax forms and had to pay $1.25 to park for two minutes. No wonder no one goes there.

BOUQUET To Shane and his helper from Ace for their professionalism and helpfulness when they delivered our new fridge.

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