Beef to my neighbour for having cut the top of my large hedge on Stephenson Point. Both of you knew I wouldn’t be in favour of cutting this. My view is now of a trailer.

Beef to my neighbour for having cut the top of my large hedge on Stephenson Point. Both of you knew I wouldn’t be in favour of cutting this. My view is now of a trailer.

Beefs Bouquets, April 19

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BOUQUET To all the residents of Sharman park who came to our mom Elsie’s aid after her recent fall. She’s fine. Extra squeeze to Jane for being there for Mom.

BEEF To the lazy shoppers at Bowen Road. If you take a cart, put it back. Businesses here are busy enough; we don’t need to have our stores and restaurants blocked and other shoppers shouldn’t have to worry about their vehicles being damaged.

BOUQUET To my mom Victoria for helping take care of my kids. Running them around and playing with them. You are an amazing mom and grandma. I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you with all my heart.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. The roads are the worst on the Island. I have seen better roads in the bush.

BOUQUET To the John Barsby, NDSS and Wellington high school jazz bands and their very talented band directors — Russ Der, Rick Becker and Carmella Luvisotto — who performed with the talented Dee Daniels at the Port Theatre. Bouquets to the parents who support the students.

BEEF To those who drive with their disability card hanging on their rear-view mirror. It is supposed to be taken down while driving.

BOUQUET Thank you to Olivia who spotted my lost purse and her grandmother who guarded it until I returned. I mislaid it after selecting my lucky bamboo and attempting to water the parched shamrock and other plants in the big block store. I was the luckiest person that day thanks to these two wonderful and honest ladies.

BEEF To the council. If all anyone had to do to get your attention was pitch some tents on the site of city hall and make a mess and use drugs and yell and scream all night to get their way, then everyone should do that to get $350,000.

BOUQUET To Spice of Life from the enormously grateful Seaview Elementary School community. Your continual generosity is boundless.

BEEF To the young people who park as close to a door as possible to save walking and forget about the elderly and handicapped who have problems.

BOUQUET To Mazda sales department for living up to a gentlemans’ handshake deal. Thanks for a job well done.

BEEF To Premier John Horgan who ignored the environmental report on the Site C dam that showed that the development is uneconomical and destructive to our environment. Acres of prime agricultural land will be flooded. That impacts our food security. Only to produce power that we can only sell below cost.

BOUQUET To the fantastic artisan who brightens up my morning walk along the McGregor Creek ponds. The wooden, brightly painted cut-outs are so sweet and change with the seasons; you never know what you will see. Thank you so much. Also a beef to whoever thinks it’s OK to break some of this artwork.

BEEF To people who can’t wait until you get home with the drugs that you get from the pot dispensary. I happen to dislike the effect that I get from marijuana and am fed up from straying into your cloud as I walk down the public sidewalk.

BOUQUET to Leonard Krog for agreeing to be involved in the updating of B.C.’s SAFER program. Successful, finally after years of stagnation, seniors in rental units with limited financial capability can now catch a bit of a breather. Thank you sir.

BEEF To whoever drops their pet rabbits on Pierpont Road in Coombs. Not fair to a pampered bunny.

BOUQUET To Sloan’s Heating Services. Thank you so much for helping to get my furnace going and not making me feel stupid for my dumb mistake causing the shutdown.

BEEF To my neighbour for having cut the top of my large hedge on Stephenson Point. Both of you knew I wouldn’t be in favour of cutting this. My view is now of a trailer.

BOUQUET To the horseback riders on the Coombs rail trail — the horses have great manners, don’t gouge the surface and no poop seen anywhere.

BEEF To the CVSE officer with the radar gun set up in a construction zone going into Nanoose on the highway. No sign of any construction or people working anywhere around that area, just you and your 60km/h sign. I am sure everybody was happy to slow down.

BOUQUET To Randy at BCAA. He is the consummate professional and so friendly and caring. He skilfully guided us past many of the pitfalls on travel health insurance. We are truly grateful.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about his or her grandchildren finding out about poverty. This would have been a perfect time for a loving grandparent to teach their grandchild about compassion.

BOUQUET Thanks to the letter writers for calling out the bible-toting know-it-all and also for laying the NRE disaster at the feet of all city hall and RDN. Thanks for printing them.

BEEF Why is it every time you make a purchase, you’re asked for your phone number? Why do they need to know it if you’re paying with cash or using your debit card?

BOUQUET To Mr. Sparkle for cleaning my roof, gutters, siding, windows, sidewalks and even my motor home. Fantastic job, well done. But now all the guys on my block are complaining that I’ve got the standard and their wives are not happy, just jealous.

BEEF To the city for not following through as promised with traffic calming on Nelson Road. Continuous traffic all day and excessive speeds.

BOUQUET To the thief who took my small burl table with tree trunk base off my doorstep while we were home. Shame on you. It seems our property is not safe in Nanaimo.

BEEF To the council for wanting drivers to use smaller parking spaces and to the councillor wanting to get people out of cars.

BOUQUET To the people who witnessed our car accident on Bowen Road by Buttertubs Marsh. Also to the lady at the bus stop and the man’s dash camera that was in operation at the time.

BOUQUET To Eric for helping me change my flat tire at the Chevron station on Wellington Road. The world needs more people like you. Merci beaucoup mon ami.

BOUQUET To the care home that has decided to reduce the use of antipsychotics and hopefully to be free of them. This would be a safe place for dementia patients.

BOUQUET To the person who found my car keys in the London Drugs parking lot and handed them in to lost and found. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.

BOUQUET Thank you to a very special person, Madeline Riley. She is always there for me and anyone else she knows. I am so lucky to call her my friend.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Recycling Exchange and everyone working there. Our city needs you to continue your work.

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