Beefs & Bouquets April 18

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KUDOs to Pressed for Time Dry Cleaning for the excellent job they did on my very dirty sets of white draperies. They came up beautifully and re-hung beautifully, too. Thank you so much for the great job.

A SMOKIN’ HOT Thank you to George, owner of Smokin’ George’s Barbecue Restaurant for sharing his time and giving tips to help three Grade 11 students plan a pulled pork concession stand at the Brentwood College School Rowing Regatta April 26-28.

a big apology bouquet to the poor guy I yelled at in the parking lot at at Country Club Centre recently. My sincerest apologies. Another guy had just cut me off and just about hit my car – I thought it was you. Immediately after, I realized my mistake. Signed, the embarrassed Maserati driver.

Playful thanks and a rowdy shout out to Paige Foster and Jumping Jiminy’s Playland and Cafe for helping a young man learn the basics of running a business as part of his high school Entrepreneurship 11 course. Your support, encouragement and generosity is helping to create the caring business people of the future.

Fabulous cubist/modern bouquets of graphite and coloured pencil spring tulips for Ian Garrioch, an exceptional visual arts instructor and artist at Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina University-College), now retired. Highly respected for his no-nonsense top quality standards, Mr. Garrioch brought out the best in every one of his students.

A huge Bouquet to ITS Telecom for the prompt response to our recent tech issue and a bigger bouquet to Ariston for his professionalism, friendliness and speedy resolution. A great local business. We are lucky to have them in our community.

A very large Spring bouquet to the kind police officer who responded to my call about a sick deer on Sandra Road. He had the sad task of dispatching it (it was dying), which must have been difficult. He was compassionate enough to call me at home to let me know the deer was out of its misery. That call meant a lot to me.

Advance bouquets to the person who purchased a stainless steel kitchen tool set, or piece of the set, marked SOLA on the back, from Value Village in the past two months and is willing to return it to me at cost. A sentimental loss for a senior.  Please call Carol at 250-591-5224 for pickup.

A WARM BOUQUET to Stuart, Mason, Don and Terrance of Servicexcel. We’re really happy with the heat pump they installed for us. Professionals in every way.

a fragrant bouquet to the football team at John Barsby Community School. With their compliments, a young man delivered and spread a whole load of nature’s best fertilizer for a couple of seniors. You are an inspiration to all teams. May all your seasons be filled with touchdowns.

a beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers to Cheryl Davies and Richard Allen at Harris Oceanside Chevrolet for being so kind and patient with me while I was in my car dilemma. They truly went over and above for customer service.

A belated bouquet of sunshine to the staff in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s ambulatory care wing. Their kindness restored my faith in the medical system and the professionals who care for us.

a huge purple bouquet for the person who found my cellphone in the hospital parking lot and turned it in. It is most appreciated.

a future bouquet to anyone who can help find a cat, lost from an apartment building behind Country Club Centre. The female cat is orange, black and white and it slipped out into the hallway on April 7. The cat is 10 years old and requires medicine.

A bouquet of orchids to Dr. Cobus Smith and all the staff on the sixth floor of NRGH for the excellent care I received.

a huge bouquet of spring flowers to Shawn at Nanaimo Seniors Village who, with members of the staff, put on a fun Vegas week. It sure helped bring us out of the winter blues.

a beautiful bouquet and thanks to Midas employees Brad and Don for helping when I had unexpected car trouble. Your helpfulness and quick action prevented congestion on the road and got me back on my way in short order.

a Shame-on-you beef to all the cyclists who ride without a helmet. Don’t you know it is the law? Also shame on those who ride their bikes on sidewalks – almost running down walkers. A third beef to people driving their cars with expired insurance. If you get into an accident, you pay out of pocket for yours and the other person’s expenses.

A Karma-will-Get-YOU Beef to the bored youths in the south end who are throwing rocks at house windows. We dealt with three broken windows last year, so we were out quite a bit of money. We finally replaced one window with unbreakable glass. Now you’ve targeted another. And it’s not just our house. The RCMP does nothing so you keep on doing it. Hopefully you’ll get caught and charged.

a huge beef to the shop mechanic who put lubricant in my brake fluid reservoir. You cost me more than $1,300 in repairs and could have caused a bad accident.

A suck-it-up beef to the person complaining about not getting a tip for a takeout order. A tip is not mandatory. It is at the discretion of the patron to give or not. For you to think that you deserve a tip just because someone bought food there is crazy. Where does it end? I don’t mind tipping a waitress who has given me service over the course of the meal, but you just handed a box or bag to someone.

A failing beef to people who don’t to return shopping carts to their proper places.

A communication beef to people who advertise events without showing the admission prices (except when free).

A beef to all litter bugs. Along Lantzville Road heading to Shook Road, the ditches are strewn with garbage. Making matters worse is a recent display of underwear stapled to posts. Come on. Keep our beautiful city beautiful.

A beef to a man at a department store who asked the lady with the white cane if she was looking for a blind date. Vision loss is no joke.  May you always be blessed with your sight, sir.

an unhealthy beef to people who smoke in public places. The smell makes me sick to my stomach and I don’t appreciate being forced to share your habit. If you must smoke, why not do so in your own homes? This goes for marijuana smokers as well.

a yard waste beef. Other cities have curbside pickup and we have to burn gas to recycle yard waste.

a beef to drivers who speed down Fitzwilliam Street and turn right onto Milton Street from the Parkway. Slow down at the traffic light. There was a horrible accident there recently. Who will be next?

a frustrated beef to people who complain about how things are done, but refuse to step up and help out so change can happen.