Beefs & Bouquets, April 17

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BOUQUET To Nanaimo city council for voting against the cell tower in Piper’s Pub parking lot and giving priority to the health hazards cell towers pose.

BEEF To all the hustle and bustle and everyone who runs around stressing themselves out. You should follow the example of my unemployed neighbour and just chill out and take it easy for a sec, or for a few years.

BOUQUET To Marie at Shear Agony, the hairdresser who came to a girl’s rescue and did a great job on my lovely head.

BEEF To the B.C. government’s decision to move the oncologist at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s cancer clinic to Victoria from Monday to Thursday. This leaves Nanaimo with just one day a week of this doctor’s much-needed time and expertise. How does removing this experienced specialist better serve cancer patients in Nanaimo?

BOUQUET To a gentleman at Galaxy Cinema who went and bought me popcorn for moving over one seat in the theatre row.

BEEF To the management of the store that puts a sign asking to leave bags at front checkout, but especially the audacity of an employee coming up to ask you to do so. Don’t treat all customers as thieves.

BOUQUET To the individual who turned my credit cards found in a parking lot in to the bank in March. You will be blessed for your honesty, though I know a kind person like you does not do good deeds for thanks.

BEEF To the city for wasting money installing speed bumps on Oliver Road. Fix the potholes instead of creating dangerous and annoying traffic flow disrupters. This city has enough bumps in the road without creating more.

BOUQUET To the lady bus driver for taking care of my bag I left on the bus, and to my friend Margo for picking it up for me.

BEEF To the doctors who keep their patients uninformed if they have been called to the hospital or keep them waiting in the waiting rooms for over an hour. With this modern technology, I think they should be able to inform of delays.

BOUQUET To the amazing, thoughtful, helpful, professional and caring staff at Wexford Creek. We knew Bill was in good hands and we’re very comfortable to know that extended to family.

BEEF To the manager of the restaurant who couldn’t get off her butt to tend to two extremely unhappy customers. You are paid to deal with things, and on a break or not, you should have dealt with our issue.

BOUQUET To my gorgeous husband Phil. Since moving to Canada from the U.K. in October, he has worked tirelessly to secure a life for us in lovely Nanaimo.

BEEF To the city. There is a four-storey bylaw for buildings on Stewart Avenue and the waterfront. There is no bylaw for trees. We taxpayers are being robbed of our views, our properties devalued yearly by growth.

BOUQUET To Phil, who organized my birthday party, Jennie who kept me distracted, and all my friends who came to surprise me.

BEEF To contests that only allow a person to enter by computer. What about us seniors who don’t understand or can’t afford one?

BOUQUET To Penta Transport in Nanaimo for allowing me to travel with my husband for almost two years while I healed and recovered. Your support and care have been invaluable to my recovery. Thank you to Ken, Gord, Kendra, Derrick and Cheryl.

BEEF To the fireplace company. Next time your contractors make a huge installation error, they should start with saying sorry – it helps a lot with customer service.

BOUQUET To the talented ladies at Turley’s Florist.

BEEF To the city for allowing the decimation of Oliver Woods. The trees have been removed right to the water’s edge of the large pond all for the sake of a tiny new subdivision.

BOUQUET To Jill, of city hall’s Residential Planning and Design Department. Your patience, skills, common sense and knowledgeable approach to the variance process, is tremendously appreciated and far from traumatic.

BOUQUET To bus driver Paul. With years of service you have always been the best bus driver in Nanaimo – ask any rider. Missed you on bus driver appreciation day.

BOUQUET To Little Valley Restoration for its outstanding service. Thank you so much for fixing the scratch on my new van.

BOUQUET To the young man at the serving hatch at McDonald’s on Mary Ellen Drive. You were so polite, chatty and friendly when you served me – a pleasure to deal with.

BOUQUET To the woman who got out of her car at a light on the Old Island Highway to tell me that part of my child’s jacket was outside the van dragging along the side of the road.

BOUQUET To the Thrifty Foods pharmacy manager. Didn’t have my meds but called around and they found it.

BOUQUET To the person in front of me who paid for my coffee at Tim Hortons at Westhill Centre. Such a thoughtful random act of kindness – this totally made my day and put me in a great mood.

BOUQUET To Adrian’s RV Repairs for the great service, and Lisa, you are an angel.

BOUQUET To VIU and its CREATE presentation. Three days of undergrad research presentations with ideas to awe Einstein – a delight that we have such brilliant minds.

BOUQUET To Don Bonner of for his diligence in helping resolve technological issues caused by an unrelated third party. His thoroughness is much appreciated.

BOUQUET To the green house on Labieux Road that decoratively celebrates each month’s ‘holiday.’ Really liked your national pride during the Olympics.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo News Bulletin for the excellent coverage of Lucy the Emu. There were a lot of people concerned for her safety. Truly an act of kindness from the community.

BOUQUET To the doctors, staff and nurses at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for such wonderful care during my recent illness. Your professionalism and dedicated hard work was appreciated.

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