Beefs & Bouquets April 11

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A huge bouquet of smiles for the driver of the No. 1 Woodgrove bus, who went above and beyond the call of duty recently. Thanks to him I was able to recover my son’s orthodontic equipment that I had absent-mindedly left on the bus. Our drivers are some of the best – I am constantly witnessing their small acts of kindness to passengers and many times I have watched them deal with stressful situations with humour and grace.

a spring bouquet to the gentlemen at Craftsman Collision on Dickinson Road, who polished out the scratches sustained by my truck and did it all for free. What great neighbours. You turned my day around in an instant. I will recommend you to my friends.

Tributes to the four golden musicians – Hayley, Karolina, Rhys and Ian. It is wonderful to hear about the successes of our young people.

a bouquet to Diver Lake Dental staff for taking such good care of me. You guys rock.

a bouquet of gratefulness to people who follow the rules of the road when driving, such as using the left-hand lane to pass and not just sit and travel in and using signal lights. I wish there were more of you.

sending flowers of the nicest kind to our neighbour Gerold who cleaned our driveway with his power washer so that it positively gleams. He almost sterilized it – such a huge difference from what it looked like until Easter. Kudos to a fantastic neighbour.

a bouquet to all those patient, 24/7 technical support angels at Shaw. Thank you for being so understanding when we, the technologically challenged and frustrated public, phone you at all hours for assistance.

a bouquet of expensive paint brushes to Michelle and Paul of Sloan’s Painting for doing an excellent job in our home. They take pride in their work.

a large bouquet of roses to Marie from the Brooks Landing Home Hardware. I forgot my debit card at home, but had cash, only I was a dollar short. She paid the difference. What a gem.

a huge bouquet of spring flowers to the lady with two children who gave me a ride from Nanaimo District Secondary School to my condo, as I had lost my car keys. The latest racing car to Pierre for giving me a ride back to NDSS.

a shining bouquet to A Touch Above Auto and Marine Detailing and Micro Autobody, a division of Nanaimo Toyota Scion, for a job well done.

thanks to all the people who stop to say hi or honk their horns. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Each and every person, as well as their pets, are an important part of my day. I love all the teddy bears and stuffies I get. From Sandy Brimacombe, the teddy bear cart lady.

a bouquet to all the hard working volunteers in Nanaimo. These people make our city better.

a bouquet. Women dread mammograms, but technician Marge is so sweet. She puts you at ease. What more could we want? Just a negative result. Thanks, Marge, for being you.

a long overdue bouquet to Chris Sarauer and Co. Fine Cabinetry for all the great work they have done fixing my home up. The renovations are perfect and the vinyl planking is just great. My husband can get his wheelchair around much better now. The back stairs down to my lower deck are a big help as I am not afraid to go up and down anymore.

a bouquet in remembrance. The Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre staff, volunteers and board of directors want to express our sadness over the passing of Brenda Currant. Brenda had worked for the centre since 1996 and was a loyal representative of the centre and its philosophy to promote independence for people living with disabilities. We want to recognize the important contribution that our friend and colleague made to our organization and extend our sincere sympathy to her family.

A bright bouquet to the nice lady in front of me at Wal-Mart who allowed me to go ahead of her. It was appreciated – I was in a hurry to pick my son up from pre-school.

a beef to the person who scratched my truck on April Fool’s Day. It wasn’t funny. Learn to drive.

a dozen beefs to the group of seniors seated front and centre at a matinee show at the Port Theatre for their display of rudeness – standing, donning coats and exiting while the orchestra played and the cast took individual bows. This is an example of bad manners. The whole cast was truly deserving of our applause.

a beef to people who don’t think it’s necessary to tip at restaurants when you phone in a take-out order. A lot of energy and care goes into making your food delicious and your order perfect. A little gratitude is greatly appreciated.

a big attitude beef to customers who think they can treat retail clerks with absolutely no respect, yet expect clerks to serve them with a big smile and respect, as well as putting up with their crappy attitude. You should get as much respect from those clerks as you are willing to give.

a beef to the beef about oral presentations. If we let teens avoid learning important life skills just because they are concerned about their looks or being marked on their poorly prepared work, we better just shut down the high school program altogether.

a beef to a Nanaimo store that sold me a continuing product only to close its doors indefinitely the following week. I asked if the store was closing and was told no.

a beef to a salesman for verbally abusing me while I was holding my infant child. Your language and behaviour were absolutely horrific. No mother should be subject to such abuse when they are simply seeking clarification on a potential purchase, let alone when they have a child with them.

a beef to the driver who took up two parking spaces when parking on Applecross Road near the ICBC offices. Please be more considerate of others who need to park there.

a beef to the people I saw picking wildflowers growing in a public park. Leave the flowers in the ground, where all of us can enjoy them and where they stand a chance of reseeding themselves so that they grow again another year.

a beef to the dog owners who still run their dogs in Mansfield Park, which is a no-dogs-allowed park. Maybe a few $150 fines would get their attention.

a beef to computer companies. Just when you think you have something figured out, all of the companies come out with updates and newer models and you are starting from scratch again.

a beef to a local restaurant. I will not eat there after seeing all of the garbage on the side of the building.That is not a good sign.

a beef to the guy who went into the mall with mud all over his clothes. What if someone wearing a clean, white collared shirt had accidentally brushed against you? Have some consideration.

A sad beef to a dog owner in Nanaimo’s south end. Your dog howls and cries for hours. Please bring him inside the house. If I knew where you lived, I would phone the SPCA. Please neighbours, call it in.