Beefs & Bouquets, April 10

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BOUQUET To Judy, a mammography technician extraordinaire at NRGH. Your kindness, encouragement and expertise were so appreciated during my recent appointment with you. You were such a blessing.

BEEF To the housing organization for not housing an individual who has been homeless for three years now.

BOUQUET To the community support shown at the theatre production of Dissolve.  Haven Society would like to acknowledge the tremendous financial contributions of Rosanne Duffy, Wendy Pratt and Tom Vu of Huong Lan restaurant.

BEEF The Regional District of Nanaimo wants to save money. Easy – don’t give yourselves a raise. You don’t need it – you already earn five times the average wage in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To Pam Damon of Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital and her wonderful, sensitive, caring staff for being there when we had to say goodbye to our beloved Maddie in March. We will never be able to repay their kindness.

BEEF Taxi companies are gouging Nanaimo citizens by charging extra-high rates. A cab ride to the ferry (7.5 kilometres) cost $26. In Vancouver, the cost was $16 for the same distance.

BOUQUET To the petite lady who gave me a sundae at Burger King – a random act of kindness.

BEEF To the provincial government’s poorly thought-out recycling scam, er, scheme. B.C. is already a province of dedicated recyclers. A new system won’t improve anything and it will hurt B.C. businesses.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at the TD Canada Trust on Bowen Road: Kelly, Rhonda, Steph and the others who are always so pleasant and helpful. Good things come to good people.

BEEF To the premier’s ineffective jobs plan. If only there were more people like my unemployed neighbour who never works an honest day, leaving more job opportunities for the rest of us.

BOUQUET To Lindsey at Onmi Foods for everything you do each day and everything extra you do for all the stores. You are greatly appreciated and respected.

BEEF Note to self – speed limit on Bowen Road is 50 kilometres per hour, not 50 miles per hour.

BOUQUET To the guys at Hub City RV.

BEEF To the whiniest person on the page. Why don’t you do something about the smoke? Why, because you can’t. Their property, their choice. Your property your problem. Inhale deeply.

BOUQUET To all our great neighbours on Beacon Place. As seniors we appreciate year-round thoughtfullness and help, such as during the last snowstorm. Special thanks to Don, Sid and Tracy.

BEEF For what is happening to a senior couple who are being forced to stay in a hospital instead of getting care at their home or at a care facility. This should not be allowed.

BOUQUET To 2 Burley Men movers. They took a pretty big hit financially with my last-minute move from Nanaimo to Kelowna because their truck broke down. They got another truck and got my belongings safely to Kelowna within 24 hours – delivered with a smile nonetheless.

BEEF To the way some people take care of their cars driving at night with burnt-out lights. If the car is more than five years old how is the car taken care of with brakes, tires and exhaust?

BOUQUET To Tim of Hoedown Excavating and his fantastic crew. Great customer service, great job and great cleanup.

BEEF To the tax preparers for changing their practice of giving out cheques for tax refunds and instead using Visa cards with fees attached. You already take a cut – do you get a kickback from the credit card company for this new policy as well?

BOUQUET To Island Mobile Detailing. He made my 23-year-old Maxima look like it came from a showroom floor.

BOUQUET To Mary and Kiyo for letting me use your yard for my papers.

BOUQUET Congratulations owners of the new dollar store at Port Place. A welcome and much-needed addition to downtown. Staff choice is also commendable. Everyone looks happy, friendly and helpful.

BOUQUET To the RCMP. They caught the thief who broke into our home. He got jail and we got our stuff back.

BOUQUET To Gord of Ridgeview Roofing for his assistance. Truly a great neighbour.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Women’s Resource Centre for its new location at 150 Wallace St. Congratulations also to the Men’s Resource Centre for its sponsor.

BOUQUET To the amazing staff at palliative care who looked after our father, friend and partner. You were truly ‘Ray’s Angels.’

BOUQUET To Al and Cheryle. Wow – what a wonderful job you both do making Deerwood such a beautiful place to live.

BOUQUET To Pat and John for organizing the Planta Park invasive plant removal work parties. Also to all dedicated volunteers.

BOUQUET To my two daughters, son-in-law and my best friend’s husband for moving me last week of February in the snow and rain while I was at work.

BOUQUET To John at Mid-Island towing. At each unfortunate event that we have needed a tow, we have been blessed to have you come to our rescue with a big smile and well wishes.

BOUQUET To Turley’s Florist for the beautiful, fresh floral bouquets they award as prizes to the winners of Beefs and Bouquets column. Your generosity is much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Wenner Electric and B.C. Hydro for prompt, efficient and cheerful repair to our power line downed by a branch.

BOUQUET To the understanding person who backed the late-night smoker and to the nosy neighbour, with respect, nothing is going to change.

BOUQUET To the federal and provincial government for putting up the tax on cigarettes. It made me quit and now they get 100 per cent of nothing.

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