Beefs and Bouquets

A big BOUQUET to B.C. Ferries for quickly getting my mother’s lost purse back over to the Island from Tsawwassen. They even sent it over on the Duke Point route, then bused it to the Departure Bay location since that was more convenient for us.

a huge bouquet from our family to the students, parents and staff of McGirr Elementary School for their continuing support of the Justin Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund. A special thank you to Mr. Paterson and his Grade 5 class for organizing their annual From the Heart coin drive and raising $800 in Justin’s memory. You are not only assisting graduating students to fulfill dreams of careers in the medical field, but you are also allowing our son to continue helping others and we are forever grateful.

Thank you to the kind lady who helped me jump start my car at Swy-a-lana Lagoon. I will definitely pay it forward.

Friendly thanks to Jay and the installer from Gillingham Cabinets. It was my pleasure working with you. Your product and service is impeccable and you were professional and prompt.

Sincere thanks to Donald at Woodgrove Chrysler, who responded immediately when I was in trouble. Much appreciated.

Bouquets of daffodils to the staff in the emergency department and on the sixth floor at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. You made my 70th birthday as nice as possible, especially for a visitor from Langley.

a huge bouquet of pink roses to Debbie Robinson, owner of From A to Zebra, for her generous donation to the Tillicum Lelum Youth Safe House Program. It is kindness like this that enhances the lives of so many youth. Hy’cha ka.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU Bouquet to all our volunteers who participated in the annual Mid Island ATV Club Cleanup. The Doumont Road area looks a lot better thanks to your efforts. Thanks as well to Rick at DBL Disposal Service Ltd. for the giant bin that we filled, Gord and Kevin at the Bowen Road Quality Foods for the barbecue essentials, the Regional District of Nanaimo for taking all the trash at no charge and Jay at United Rentals for the bobcat donation.

A beautiful bouquet to the superb service I received at Sandra’s Ink. Sandra’s amazing talent and patience made my experience wonderful and I recommend her services to all.

A huge spring bouquet to the kind Sears customer standing next to me at the checkout. She had a book of coupons and kindly offered one to me for 10 per cent off my total purchase. It is random acts of kindness such as this that can make a person’s day. May God bless her. I am now determined to take opportunities to do likewise.

TONS OF GOOD PAYBACKS to the guys at Cinnabar Valley Farms who, after loading our trailer with garden soil, went out of their way to put extra air in our tires so that we could make it home safely.

a bouquet of daisies to our friendly, storytelling cab driver one Saturday night. You made the ride home interesting.

fragrant English violets to whoever found and returned my gloves to Woodgrove Centre’s lost and found. I had just been through radiation treatment for cancer, my husband had an accident, then along came you. Your kindness warmed my heart and gave me hope.

Many thanks to Randy Romano, manager of the Quality Foods on Turner Road, for supporting the Pleasant Valley Elementary School Grade 7 students in their hotdog fundraiser. Your donation of food and beverages allowed the students to successfully raise money that will be put toward their end of year camping trip. Thanks for being such a great part of our community.

A big Spring Bouquet of Flowers to Maureen (aka Mo) at the EuroScape Spa on Stewart Avenue for her excellent and professional customer service skills and integrity. Wishing you good things for your future.

a big spring bouquet to all the volunteers who make the Nanaimo Curling Centre the best place to be in the winter. You rock.

a big bouquet to Cathy at the Nanaimo News Bulletin for all the thoughtful things you do.

A beef to the person who beefed about businesses being open on Easter. For a lot of us, it’s just another day. We have to go to work and make ends meet. Quit trying to force your religion on others.

A beef to the young female driver who paid more attention to giving me the finger than realizing she was driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

A REturn beef to the person who complained that I pointed a finger at all dog owners in the Departure Bay area for leaving dog poo all over the neighbourhood. The beef was only directed at irresponsible dog owners. Many of you do not fit in this category, but to blame it all on people coming from outside the neighbourhood is incorrect. I recently watched a neighbour let their dog defecate on my front lawn and leave it there.

A bouquet of beefs to the person complaining about stores being closed on Easter. Jesus died for all. Call it what you want. Heaven and hell are real, and you will find that out, regardless of your belief.

A What-are-you-thinking-beef to the caring citizens of our fair city who drove past my wife as she was sitting in the gravel on the side of Dover Road near Brickyard Road in obvious distress. She had tripped and fallen and could not get up and drivers did not even slow down or stop to see if she needed help. It boggles my mind that people could be that cold hearted. It wasn’t so bad, however, as her arm was only broken in three places.

A beef to the woman who was waiting in a large vehicle while her young son stole flowers from beside the brick walls at the entrance to Bird Sanctuary Drive. You drive a big car but are too cheap to buy your own plants? What a nice way to teach your son that it’s OK to steal.

a beef to grocery store bulk-food departments. Is it really that hard to engineer twist ties that don’t reject ball-point pen ink?