Beefs and Bouquets, July 28

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A huge bouquet of congratulations to the lovely people at the new Old City Take Out. Your hard work has paid off. The food is fantastic.

A big beautiful summer bouquet to the kind gentleman in the house on the corner of Wakesiah Avenue and First Street who let us use his phone book and phone to call a tow truck when my car broke down on the hill. You really saved us some time. I wish we had gotten your name as you were such a big help. Thank you so much.

A big bouquet to the Boutique Mac staff for helping me with my MacBook Internet issue. It was much appreciated.

Thanks to the Ministry of Transportation staff, especially Dave Sarciat, for taking time to listen to my concerns and adjust the sensor on the east side of Northfield Road at the Nanaimo Parkway. The eastbound lights can now be tripped by a bicycle. After three years of cyclo-commuting, I can now cross the Parkway properly.

A HUGE bouquet to Steve and everyone at B. Gallant Homes for doing an exceptional renovation job on our 100-year-old home. On time, on budget and fabulous workmanship. Thanks to you, our house will still be standing in another 100 years.

A huge helium-filled balloon bouquet to the two gentlemen in the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal lineup. I noticed my front tire was dangerously low and they pulled out a portable air compressor and solved the problem. Thanks guys.

A bunch of puppy dog smooches to Dr. Langelier and Island Veterinary Hospital for sponsoring the annual SPCA rabies clinic. Thank you for helping us keep our pets safe.

A big bouquet of carnations to my mother-in-law, Ana, in Nanaimo, who is thoughtful, kind and helps us with the kids when we need it. Also, thank you for all the delicious Croatian food you make for us. We really appreciate it.

A GRATEFUL BOUQUET to Darrell and management of Jim Pattison Hyundai Nanaimo for covering the cost of a necessary repair after the purchase of my car. Many thanks for the excellent service.

Bouquets to the wonderful staff at Northridge Quality Foods for finding and returning my wallet so quickly. It is nice to know there are so many honest people out there. You made my day.

A huge bouquet to all those who assisted me on Saturday night when my dog bolted, as I do not know Nanaimo well. Special thanks to the gentleman who found and kept him, then called me in the morning. My dog is fine, very tired and has a sore foot.

A huge bouquet to Quality Foods for the spectacular Nanaimo Marine Festival fireworks on Saturday. They were the best ever.

We would like to thank Dan of Dan Smith’s Painting and Decorating for his supreme customer service. We have employed Dan over the years for painting, appreciating his workmanship, fair prices and customer service. Now we want to send him large bouquets of flowers for his determination to get things ‘just right’. Our door looks very welcoming.

A special dragonboat bouquet to Theresa R. who gave a generous donation to breast cancer research in memory of the auntie she lost to breast cancer five years ago. With appreciation, CVIDBS.

A big bouquet to Sharon and the girls and guys from Departure Bay Landscaping for the great work on our lawns and gardens.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers to Kiwanis Sunrisers and the Balloons and Bears florist for the wonderful flowers delivered to the residents of Dufferin Place.

A BOUQUET to the folks at Central Island Youth Soccer Academy for not only hosting free drop-in summer sessions for kids ages eight to 15, but encouraging players to bring a food item to donate to the food bank. They donated more than 136 kilograms of food to the food hamper program last Christmas and it looks like they’re working on breaking that record this year. It’s so great to see kids being encouraged to give back. Great work CIYSA.

A Bouquet of flowers to the wonderful, friendly, caring staff at the Camp Seaside program run through Nanaimo parks, recreation and culture. My daycare person took a month off and I had to find a place I trusted to care for my child while I worked. When I picked up my daughter at the end of Day 1, she could not stop talking about how much fun she had. I highly recommend these programs to other parents in the same situation.

Boat-loads of fun bouquets to Dino and Michelle at the Nanaimo Child Development Centre for all the hard work they do to put on the Silly Boat Regatta. They organize the best family event in Nanaimo and it’s for a great cause.

A DOZEN BOUQUETS to Cory at the Canadian Tire garden centre for providing knowledgeable and fantastic customer service.

A Reply Beef to the beefer beefing about everyone complaining about the weather. Yes, we do live on the ‘wet coast’, but we are in the middle of stinking July. You might be in November, but most of us are in July. Maybe you like this rain and cloud, but some of us are just hoping we can get out camping, going to the beach, etc., in the sun.

A Beef to the beefer beefing about the automated tellers. You think we asked for these stupid machines? Yes, I would rather talk to a person, but that’s not my decision. Perhaps you should beef the store instead of beefing the people who use these so-called ‘tellers’.

To those who have pet dogs, please clean up after them. Twice I’ve almost stepped in dog poop in the middle of my front lawn. I don’t even own a dog. I shouldn’t have to clean up after someone else’s mess. Please take responsibility and clean up after your dog. And don’t leave it there, throw it in a garbage bin.

A beef to the dog owner who told me the Beban Park off-leash area is for socializing only, not for playing fetch because one ball and many dogs equals mayhem. Dogs interacting with one another while chasing a ball is socializing, too.

A neighbourly reminder to all horseback riders. Please dismount and kick the ‘road apples’ off the path. I do not mind sharing the trails with you, but I clean up after my dog, so please do the same for your horse.

A beef to truck drivers who handle their rigs irresponsibly, dangerously changing lanes often to move faster than the speed of traffic, or simply occupying the passing lane and holding up other motorists.

A beef to cyclists who use crosswalks without getting off their bikes. When you’re on your bike, you are bound by the rules of the road the same as motor vehicles. Only once you’re off your bike do you have the rights of a pedestrian. Certain cyclists (you know who you are) might also want to consider riding without the iPod and earbuds so you’re aware of vehicles and other hazards around you and avoid getting crushed.

A BEEF to our neighbours for their party Saturday night. Think about the others who have to work the next day.