Beefs and Bouquets July 17

NANAIMO – Weekly Beefs and Bouquets column for July 17.

BOUQUET To the staff at Nanaimo Harbourfront library, paramedics, and the staff at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency department for all your help when I passed out at the library.

BEEF To the patrons at the movie theatre who use the handicapped bathrooms on the first floor. Those of us who need them, have two toilets to use. I’m betting there are lots of stalls in the public bathrooms on the second floor. I don’t know because I can’t go up the stairs due to my disability.

BOUQUET To the people responsible for the sign cautioning drivers of does and fawns on Hammond Bay Road and to the drivers who are considerate enough to slow down.

BEEF To the people who trespass onto private property to leave their garbage in the bins of apartments and condos. Our condo board then has to hire someone to take your large items to the dump, or pay for extra pickups by our private contractor.  My condo fees go up because you are too lazy or cheap to do the honorable thing and deal with your own waste.

BOUQUET To Bart at Panago for his contributions for our fundraisers. Thanks to your help, we will get to maximize the company’s contributions. Greatly appreciated and the pizzas are fabulous.

BEEF Very shameful that a security company does not give an annual raise to all guards and shows favoritism to some when it stated no vacation time until November.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Toyota’s, service advisor Tyler Kyle. He is to be commended for his professional, prompt and efficient service. He very kindly remedied an engine light problem for me.

BEEF To the persons calling saying they are from Microsoft to tell you that there  is something wrong with your computer. Computer companies never call you. These people are out to scam you.

BOUQUET To the wonderful person who turned in my debit card to the BMO at Terminal Park after I had carelessly            forgotten it in the ATM. I’m truly grateful for your honesty.

BEEF To government-funded dental clinics. Although such clinics are needed, many taxpayers who have far less income than dentists are paying for such clinics instead of dentists doing the pro bono they should.

BOUQUET To the person who purchased my bread for me at Cobs Bread. I had my money out to pay and the clerk said it was taken care of. Random acts of kindness go a long way.

BEEF To B.C. Hydro for leaving trees in a horrible state after clearing lines on Uplands Drive.

BOUQUET To Broco Glass for going above and beyond to provide me wonderful customer service. For a little job that I was willing to pay for, you waved your cost and told me to “have a happy summer!” We need more great customer service like this in Nanaimo.

BEEF To the person who decided one cannot wear their loved ones’ medals. My two young brothers in bomber command lost their lives three weeks after each other 70 years ago.

BOUQUET To Elaine and her team at Island Overhead Door for their courtesy and a job well done.  After many visits over a five-year span, the company continued to provide excellent service and look after us with regards to our garage door.

BEEF To the city and law enforcement for providing a safe haven for all speeders, people talking/texting on their phones and any other illegal driving habit. It’s nice to know people can break the law as they see fit along Metral Drive and have no worries of getting ticketed.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo District Secondary School parents who made the prom night spectacular. They went above and beyond to make the kids’ night so incredible.

BEEF To the beefer concerned about children on the picket line. Your children are more than welcome to come and support. And a bigger bouquet to all the thumbs up, horn honks and treats that help us get through this difficult time.

BOUQUET To James and the crew at Cedar Tireland. I really appreciated the kind and courteous service. It really is “worth the drive.”

BOUQUET To Dr. Cameron for taking such good care of my mom over the years. Her two knee replacements have given her an amazing quality of life to add to her infectious attitude toward life.

BOUQUET From St. Andrew’s United Church for the wonderful coverage of the Gary Feligaard and Valdy Concert. Special thank you to all those who supported this concert. The pipe organ repair fund is much enhanced.

BOUQUET To the two policemen who at 2 a.m. were keeping our neighborhood safe from car break-ins. It’s great to know that while many of us are asleep, we are being protected.

BOUQUET To Altrusa. Five gorgeous gardens, gardeners, sponsors and purchasers of tickets to attend an incredible garden tour in June. It was a beautiful event to enjoy and the money raised will help women, children and literacy in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To City of Nanaimo recreation coordinator Megan Lum and the leaders of Camp Firefly – Brittany, Sean, Pauline, Chelsea, Cody, Lauren and Ian – who did such a great job organizing fun days and weeks for our children who were off school due to the teachers’ strike.

BOUQUET To Tim at Kendor Nurseries for giving me another Japanese red maple that had died over the winter. I had lost my receipt but you honoured my purchase. I will be back again to your business.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Minor Lacrosse board members for their tremendous dedication to the kids and the sport of lacrosse. From evaluations, opening day ceremonies, booking games to organizing the referees, the bantam tournament and giving up your family time.

BOUQUET To the staff at The Grand Hotel. Once again your excelled in food, service and friendliness. That’s a memorial and a wedding both fantastic.

BOUQUET To Pryde Vista Golf Course for the passes for prizes for our annual family golf tournament. They were greatly appreciated by everyone receiving them. Also to Kelsey for cooking a ham and the roast beef.