Beefs and Bouquets for Aug. 22

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BOUQUET To Julie and Mark who rescued my wayward purse on Smuggler’s Hill and so quickly returned it home.

BEEF To the alteration store for ruining and staining my maid of honour dress days before the wedding. Promises by phone to be reimbursed for dry cleaning and alterations were laughed at and blame put on me.

BOUQUET To Applecross Automotive Ltd. for the excellent service given to my 17-year-old Chevrolet Cavalier. Their service is accurate and highly efficient.

BEEF To the Upper Lantzville dog owners who still think it’s okay to let your dogs roam the neighbourhood. I am now stuck between two houses with Rottweilers who roam with other dogs and pose a threat to my dogs who are always leashed.

BOUQUET To Jessica and Dave and the team at Tim’s Automotive on Bowen Road. Your honest, helpful and kind support made my daughter’s very first car purchase a wonderful experience.

BEEF To the city for not keeping the sidewalks clear of encroaching weeds, shrubs, trees, etc. Try walking along Dufferin Cres. between Boundary and Bowen roads – in many spots there’s not enough room for two people to pass.

BOUQUET To Good Samaritan Bill for keeping the Akenhead and Wilkinson road intersection area mowed and free of litter.

BEEF To the blonde, middle-aged lady in the blue Ford minivan who happily bootlegged alcohol for the three teen boys on skateboards at the north-end liquor store. Let’s hope if you have children, no one is doing this for them.

BOUQUET To Watson Electrical for great service. They did the re-wiring of my old house quickly and without any stress on my part.

BEEF To all those skateboarders, bikers and parents of those using Rotary Skateboard Park on Dover Road. It’s time you learned to pick up your trash. You have been given a great skateboard park – take care of it.

BOUQUET To a guy name Ed who stopped at Quality Foods on Tuesday night and helped fix my radiator hose after all the anti-freeze leaked out due to rotten hose. You left your glove – check at Quality Foods.

BEEF To small dog owners who think a “little” poop doesn’t have to be picked up.  It smells and sticks to people’s shoes just like big poops that aren’t picked up.

BOUQUET To the knight in shining armour who loaded my Home Depot wheel barrow into his truck and followed me home to deliver it. It wouldn’t fit in my car.

BEEF To the oyster packing facility on Stewart Avenue which left a large, very foul-smelling container with a “for sale” sign on it in the neighborhood for almost a year. The odor is horrendous.

BOUQUET To the beefer of dumpster divers. Perhaps if I send a little sunshine your way, you can open your cold heart. Try researching mental health and addiction. It can happen to anyone.

BEEF To the couple running in Buttertubs Marsh with their dog. Buttertubs Marsh is a bird sanctuary, not an off-leash dog park. It’s not as if there aren’t many other places in Nanaimo to run and take your dog.

BOUQUET To my wonderful hairdresser at Bridgettes on Norwell Road. You do a great cut and curl and good head massage.

BEEF To the guy whose dogs were “friendly” but were maced and others who claim dogs are “friendly.” Have some courtesy and respect and realize it’s not about your dog being friendly. You never know if someone has had a traumatic event involving a dog. We shouldn’t have to ask you to leash dog while passing us.

BOUQUET To my family’s heroes – a man named Todd and his wonderful wife who drive a big, silver truck. They stopped traffic on Nicol Street to catch our dog as he was running down the highway. He’s safe now behind a new fence.

BEEF To the firewood company that still doesn’t know how to measure and deliver a cord of wood after all these years.

BOUQUET To the lady who found and turned in my intact wallet to Maureen, one of the many pleasant and kind employees at Northridge Quality foods who called me a soon as she could. For this 90-year-old, her kind of thoughtfulness proves there are still many good and honest people left in the world.

BEEF To the city for completely destroying our 40-year-old grapevine. We came home to half of our vine missing and the other half wilting and turning brown. To bad no one left us a note asking us to trim it before they nearly killed it.

BOUQUET To Cobs Bread. I went in to treat myself to a small dessert at the end of the work day. I received three loaves of bread for free. It’s not easy when you live on a B.C. Disability pension to afford quality food. I was in such deep gratitude to be offered this.

BEEF To one of the neighbors who complained about our grapevine to the city but not to us, so we could do something about it before getting the city involved. I thought we had a a friendly neighborhood. Apparently not anymore.

BOUQUET To the very kind person who took my shopping bag from McDonald’s in Wal-Mart to the service centre. I hope the finder wins a fortune.

BEEF Why does Maffeo Sutton Park only fly the Scottish Saltire and not the Union Jack which would cover the British Isles?

BOUQUET To Dave and all the boys at Norm’s Plumbing and Heating. I needed a toilet and it was put in that day, even though they were busy.

BEEF To the horse riders on the streets of Cedar: if dog owners are expected to pick up the poo, why do you think you are exempt from that common courtesy?

BOUQUET To Charlotte who introduced me to Isagenix. I am getting my body back and a new lease on life.

BEEF To the lady who brought her dog onto the passenger deck of the ferry. That would have been against the rules, if only the rules applied to you.

BOUQUET To Andrew and the Serauxmen Service Club, the Black Bear Pub and to all the people who came out to support the fundraiser for the little cook.