Beefs and Bouquets, Aug. 16

Summit your beefs and bouquets to

A bouquet to some people downtown, who stood up for me even when I was at fault. I am deeply grateful and apologize for my ignorance. I will do better in the future.

a Big Bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for having this community page so people can air their laundry.

A big bouquet of Kiwi Blossoms to Susan at Green Thumb Garden Centre for her excellent customer service. We will recommend you to all of our friends.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Kevin. Thank you for driving my puppy and I to the emergency veterinary clinic early Tuesday evening. She didn’t make it, but without you there wouldn’t have been a chance. Also THANK YOU to all who stopped to help after my puppy was hit and to the staff at the emergency clinic for doing all you could. All of your efforts were greatly appreciated.

A bouquet to the Caledonian Clinic. When my special needs daughter stepped on a piece of glass, the receptionist made an appointment within the hour, the accented station attendant was lovely and Dr. Kao was compassionate, skilled and quick.

Many thanks to John and the guys at Active Motorsports on Bowen Road for your excellent service. Three different mechanics couldn’t fix the problem with my 5.0. You guys are very knowledgeable and affordable. Good luck at your new location.

a huge thank you to the guy who stopped after our cat was run over by another car on Hammond Bay Road. You stayed with our cat until we could get to him. He died a few minutes later, but we are grateful for your kindness and compassion.

A green bouquet to Wendy at the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange on Kenworth Road for her assistance in getting us a portable dishwasher. Great customer service and such a friendly lady. All the best to you, Wendy.

A BIG BOUQUET OF DOG BISCUITS to Applecross Veterinary clinic for the care and kindness the staff gave to my dog, Ginger, during the last three weeks of her life. Being new in town, they made her end-of-life experience a happy and peaceful one.

bouquets of thanks and big cheers to the RCMP officers. You kept your cool as you had to pour out the alcohol some people brought to the fireworks recently. Later as we walked along the waterfront, you greeted us with a big smile. My European visitors were impressed with your friendliness and professionalism. You made me a proud Canadian.

happy first anniversary to Angela Frye and Allen Medcalf. A bit late, but here is to the next one. I do not have your new phone number.

a bouquet to Jessie and Dorren for showing kindness when they stopped to help us after our vehicle became stuck at Nanaimo Lakes. Two stand up guys.

A BOUQUET OF CANUCKS SUNFLOWERS to Kelly, the best secretary that Nanaimo District Secondary School has ever had. Kelly is often the main reason kids come to school every day. She is bright, friendly, has a fantastic rapport with the kids and parents, and is, most importantly of all, non-judgemental.

a pot of gold to Jerry of Perrier Motors. Thank you for your wonderful service. From a happy mom.

happy trails to the lady picking up garbage at Colliery Dam Park. You value the park and we honour you because you do.

happy anniversary to my husband of one year. May we have many more happy years together.

a bouquet of gratitude to the Thirsty Camel Café from a customer who appreciates the love and quality, good taste and freshness, time and effort you share with the community. The chicken pita was delicious.

Kudos to the new coffee shop in Cedar that was set up to assist developmentally challenged people. Great people, great coffee, great food, great ambiance.

a bouquet to the mother of the two kids at Brickyard Clinic. Nice to see a mom into her kids instead of being into her cellphone.

Buckets of paint for the graffiti artist. Your work is beautiful. Also a big beef to you for using someone’s property. That is so wrong. Buy some canvas or whatever and sell it. This would be better for you, your parents and all of us who live in this city.

A Double Beef. I agree with the person beefing about lazy landlords who just collect the rent and let their properties fall apart. They are making neighbourhoods unsightly. Time for a tidy tax. Clean up now.

A belated beef to the man digging his big, black dog’s poop into the sand at Departure Bay Beach, and another beef to his three friends for standing there and watching him do it. So many children play and dig in the sand. A green bag was just steps away for you to dispose of the dog’s waste properly.

a grossed-out beef to the person responsible for making some sausage I ordered. Full of gristle and bone, it was a waste of money because I couldn’t eat it.

a beef. What is happening with the lack of cleanliness downtown? Diana Krall Plaza and some business windows are full of seagull feces. Please wash more often.

A beef to motorists who don’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. I’m a senior. We aren’t in season this year. Check with the Nanaimo and District Fish and Game Protective Association for what is.

A stinky pile of manure to Lantzville council. Instead of fighting against Compassion Farm you should publicly apologize and drop all legal proceedings. We all need to eat. Have you even asked the property owner what they think is a probable solution to this dispute?

a beef about our hospital’s service and system of treating the sick and injured. It might have been busier than usual, but staff were socializing and standing around. This was not acceptable. A lady needed stitches badly and had to go to Port Alberni. She couldn’t wait four and a half hours like we all did.

a beef to people who complain about truck drivers. Drivers with a class 5 licence are more irresponsible and some change lanes dangerously in their desire to be ahead of everyone else. Class 1 drivers are more responsible. They can’t change langes on a dime as smaller cars can do.

a growling beef to the neighbour next door for letting your dog bark and bark and bark. If you don’t take control, a bylaw officer will be coming to your door.

a beef to Nanaimo Regional Transit system for taking away a bus stop on Rutherford Road. It forces elderly bus riders to walk three blocks each side of the Rutherford bus stop. Many people, both young and old, used this stop. I did for 20 years.

a wait-a-second beef to the overspending Nanaimo city council. Why can’t we vote on the new water project in a city park?


open skies away to the Canada geese returning after their summer vacation. School playgrounds are out of bounds. Shoo.