Beef to my friend who calls themself a dog lover and requires a dog companion but has no time, stability, and funds to care for the dog. Leaving it in your bedroom all day, every day, has made it fearful. Please re-home your dog before it bites someone.

Beef to my friend who calls themself a dog lover and requires a dog companion but has no time, stability, and funds to care for the dog. Leaving it in your bedroom all day, every day, has made it fearful. Please re-home your dog before it bites someone.

Beef & Bouquets, May 18

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BOUQUET To Country Grocer for sponsoring an amazing lunch for all who attended the inaugural game of the Nanaimo Timbermen novice female lacrosse team. Additional bouquets go out to all the players from both the home team and the visiting Port Coquitlam Saints and to the parents and coaches, whose dedication has kept the team spirit and the sport alive during COVID challenges.

BEEF To the oversize trucks that are using a non-truck route that has a sign posted saying trucks over a certain size cannot use the road. I am tired of being woken up at all hours of the night to noisy trucks. I am also tired of complaining to the city and not having anything done to stop the trucks from using Westwood Road.

BOUQUET God bless the little boy with the vis vest and grabber picking up garbage along the highway adjacent to the E&N Trail on Earth Day while his mother supervised with a stroller on the walkway. It made me proud to see him helping the planet his own way. It’s the little things like this that give us a hope.

BEEF Extinction Rebellion sets up stocks in Nanaimo to protest old-growth logging. Ironically, they made the stocks of wood. Seems to be a mixed message.

BOUQUET To Amethyst Forest at Nanaimo North Town Centre for the crystal egg hunt. An extra big bouquet to the owner for handing out more crystals after one large group took them all.

BEEF To the person who visited the liquor store, bought an eight pack of beer, a six-pack of cherry cider and a bottle of pink gin and then came wheeling along to Ambience Drive where you left a mess of skid marks, cans, broken glass and other garbage all over the road and sidewalk. Next time stay home and mess up your own street.

BOUQUET To the beefer beefing about drug use, lawlessness, robbery, shoplifting and such. I agree with you, isn’t it horrid? But it’s not just Nanaimo, it’s all over the world. We are living in the last days before Christ returns. Don’t be afraid; God is in control. The bad will get what they are deserve. We are God’s own.

BEEF I read that a motorcyclist was attacked in downtown Nanaimo and then taken to Victoria hospital because the assault was so serious. And our city council members want to spend more taxpayers’ money – $2.5 million dollars to make the city safer so we can go downtown. Like putting lipstick on a pig. Then another plan will be approved and more money wasted.

BOUQUET To the staff at B.C. Ferries. Thanks for helping my special friend Anne. She was travelling to Calgary in her car with her fish in a tote. Tropical fish should be kept at a specific temperature and they very kindly made available power for the heater. The fish made it.

BEEF Canada is a huge country, enough room for millions and millions more people, but please, not for the entire world.

BOUQUET To those supermarket managers and business owners who restrict their clerks at the till from verbally canvassing and harassing customers for money for even noble causes such as children’s hospital, Ukraine relief, dry grad etc. This is inappropriate, unwelcome behaviour for any business at the till.

BEEF To the beefer who called freedom-loving Canadians anarchists. The noun you were trying to come up with was actually patriot.

BOUQUET To the unselfish soul Tim D. You told me there are so many Tims. So I correct myself – it’s you, Tim D. I was writing about.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for cutting the grass in the medians along Uplands and probably other places. Let it grow wild – we need pollinators more than tidy medians. Plant more wild flowers. Good grief, I would have thought you knew this. The science is not new.

BOUQUET To so many people who helped me recently: The nice man who helped me while my vehicle broke down across from the airport. I very much appreciated you trying to help me. Also, thank you to the Domo gas station cashier for the use of his landline to phone BCAA. Thank you to the two tow operators, too. Finally, thank you to my mechanical shop in Coombs for completing the replacement and repair by noon the following day. Stellar service. A very stressful incident eased by so many kind and helpful people. Thank you.

BEEF To people who are running a business out of your home in residential areas. The constant loud machinery in the mornings, during the day and on weekends is too much. Have some respect for people who want to enjoy a quiet weekend in their yard or who are studying at home and just want a little peace to think. I’m all for making money but not if it’s constantly disturbing people in residential areas.

BOUQUET To Jessie and Harry W. For their many years of volunteering at the Nanaimo Curling Centre. Members past and present appreciate your efforts.

BEEF Mental health shaming, racism and antisemitism is running rampant at a social housing complex. Management has been informed time and time again, acknowledged it was happening but ultimately allowing it to continue. Very concerning and sad given the times we are in.

BOUQUET To MeatCraft Island Butchery. Top-quality local foods and always friendly service.

BEEF Wood stove smoke is so toxic, especially when neighbours are forced to breathe it in 24 hours a day from October to May. They should be banned before banning natural gas. Imagine your house, and your vehicles reeking of your neighbours’ constant fumes, even more frustrating when they throw their trash in the stove as well. No need for this at all. And where is all their wood coming from?

BOUQUET To the band called the MAC who played at the blues jam at the Queen’s. A great band that actually played blues-inspired songs of all genres that we recognize instead of the same old. They set a different standard that every other band could follow.

BEEF Every year I pay more and more city taxes and it amazes me how much money the city is throwing away re-designing roads for bicycles. Has anyone even seen a rider on Bowen Road and now Metral Drive?

BOUQUET Very good letter from Ursula K. regarding holding off on more bike lanes that waste taxpayers’ money. A few councillors ride bikes so they think everyone should.

BEEF I am outraged because there is only one walk-in clinic in Nanaimo open to serve 100,000 people. How is this right? I came down at 9:30 a.m. after being told I can’t have a virtual consult over the phone. And then was told that I can’t put my name on a list to a time until 11:15 a.m.

BOUQUET To Coun. Armstrong. Always the voice of reason, law and order. Thank you for your service.

BEEF To stores and offices that have either removed their hand sanitizer at the entrances or the sanitizer container is empty, which is just as bad. Also gone in many places are the paper towels to wipe down shopping carts. As far as I am aware we are still in a pandemic and these items continue to be necessary and helpful especially to people who are at high risk.

BOUQUET To the man who let me go first when entering the sushi restaurant in the north end. When you said “ladies first” that really did make my day. That was very kind and unexpected. Please tell your mom she raised a kind man.

BEEF To the publicly funded CBC. The last thing anyone needs is more news. What a waste of taxpayer money. Our local outfit does a fine job of giving us all we can stand.

BOUQUET To the thoughtful, observant but unknown person who found my keys at the rural post box on Sabre Road, noticed the tag for the War Amps, and mailed my lost keys in the post box. Please contact the News Bulletin as I would like to send or give a copy of my latest book to the finder-picker-upper of my keys.

BEEF So here we are again with water restrictions being imposed while the city grants unlimited building permits to put more stress on the water supply. Don’t forget paving over permeable ground that would mitigate flooding.

BOUQUET I had the pleasure of dealing with Barron’s Home Appliance Centre, specifically Brian who saved me many dollars by teaching me, over the telephone, how to repair my refrigerator myself. Not only was this an extremely kind thing to do but he was fun and funny. I highly recommend this company.

BEEF To the premier. Rather than apologize for cussing in the legislature, how about apologizing for wasting taxpayer money on, among other things, removing gendered language from government documents. Such funds would be better spent on working toward ensuring all B.C. residents have a primary care physician. After eight years, my aging husband and I still do not have a family doctor, along with nearly 900,000 other B.C. residents. Get your priorities straight.

BOUQUET To Lorna R. So glad to have Lorna brighten the salon with her visits. Wishing you many more toasts on the Lanai. Happy 99th Lorna.

BEEF To whoever came up with the idea that Metral Drive needed to be a corridor. The narrowing of the road is ridiculous and at such a cost to the taxpayers of this city. Who will be keeping the grass cut and the weeds down? And just wait until September and Pleasant Valley School reopens. What was the reasoning behind this absurd design? Was it to promote bicycle riding?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo workers who have been working up and down Nottingham Drive. Having balance issues, I need to get as close to my house as possible. You are always so cheerful and accommodating when I need to get in and out. Thank you again.

BEEF To the fast food restaurant that is now charging 15 cents per recyclable cup. We already pay to have recyclable garbage taken away. Why should we pay more for these? Go back to your compostable cup, or get us a cup that we can hand to you for filling. Your burgers are still wrapped in foil which goes to the landfill.

BOUQUET Thank you to the kind person for pinning up my puppy’s treat bag after I dropped it on the way out of Creekside Place parking lot. You made my day. More importantly my Aussie-Pom Coco’s day. Hope to pay it forward for others as you have done for us.

BEEF To public places that want you to sanitize your hands but offer a highly perfumed gel. If I liked perfume I wouldn’t want it to compete with what I’m wearing. I don’t like perfume so I don’t want to wear it. Scentless if you want me to use it please.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo for protecting our forest canopy and also protecting the trees along the ocean for a nature corridor. Too bad it stops at Dickinson Road. Shame on whoever isn’t protecting it.

BEEF To the neighbour on the cul-de-sac who stands in his garage and stares across the street at a young mother and her family. I think you need to get a hobby.

BOUQUET To the city for not including Commercial Street in the cycling plans. It’s already a nightmare to navigate around down there. If you choose to bike, use your mirrors properly like us vehicle drivers do to stay safe. No more bike lanes. Use my tax money on something useful please.

BEEF To organizations still using COVID as an excuse to not hold in-person meetings. Hiding behind a screen is much easier than facing reality, no question.

BOUQUET To a runner on Northfield and a white pick up truck driver. The runner was able to attract attention and point out a gosling on the road, while the driver blocked traffic (even although a lady blew through into oncoming traffic and almost hit the baby goose). I was able to get the baby back to its very upset mom and dad over the median.

BEEF To my friend who calls themself a dog lover and requires a dog companion but has no time, stability, and funds to care for the dog. Leaving it in your bedroom all day, every day, has made it fearful. Please re-home your dog before it bites someone.

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