Bad drivers pervasive

Every day, driving in and out of Nanaimo, I see the ride becoming worse and worse.

To the Editor,

Every day, driving in and out of Nanaimo, I see the ride becoming worse and worse. People driving in the centre (passing) lane doing the posted speed limit or five to 10 km/h less.

There is a fine for driving too slow in the wrong lane. I wish to see the roads marked better.

People in the passing lane, running through the centre of town, are usually two abreast holding to the posted speed limit, when many others would like to drive up to eight to 10 km/h over the posted limit or just get past them.

It does not sound like much, but it would move traffic faster, if those in the passing lane, when followed by other vehicles, were pulled over and given a ticket for impeeding the flow of traffic by driving to slow in the wrong lane. It is not a driver’s moral right or legal right to sit in the passing lane and force everyone to do as he/she does.

Try coming into Nanaimo at any time and from Woodgrove to just past the lake, it’s 80 km/h, but most times you’re lucky if you can make 65 km/h, especially at rush hour times.

Worse yet is the traffic when the ferry comes in and commercial traffic is in the passing lane at intersections side-by-side. No wonder they say traffic is horrid here when folks in motorhomes or campers are in the passing lane on either highway, sightseeing as they normally do, without pullouts.

Traffic is not bad, but there are a lot of braindead drivers in Nanaimo.

They can be seen turning left into the right-hand lane, at any Island intersection, and fingering the guy blowing his horn.

They can also be seen turning on their signal light as they turn the corner or in some cases as they are halfway through the corner.

They can be seen every morning doing 40-60 km/h past Long Lake in the centre lane.

Do I make mistakes? Sure I do, but I have enough nerve to type this message.

Where do courtesy or brains come in when you’re driving?

Norman Jarvis