B.C. columnist’s views too narrow-minded

Re: Take hard look at your HST choices, B.C. Views, June 23.

To the Editor,

Re: Take hard look at your HST choices, B.C. Views, June 23.

Again, Tom Fletcher spends more time on a personal rant against the NDP than any constructive discussion on pro or con HST choices.

There is not enough allowable space for a rebuttal on all of his inaccuracies, but his underlying tone should not go unchallenged.

Fletcher is one of the growing number of ‘journalists’ on the far right who calls people down with the use of names that frankly, are not only inaccurate but also inflammatory.

His underlying tone is that of contempt for anyone not on his wavelength or supporting the provincial Conservatives who disguise themselves as Liberals. This is not the characteristics of a good columnist.

When Fletcher complains about welfare and an NDP program to address the problem, he should mention the more than $1 billion spent yearly by the B.C. Liberals to subsidize corporations.

The government has no problems subsidizing corporations that ship jobs overseas, (raw logs), harvest trees from lands belonging to First Nations, drill endlessly for natural gas which is then locked up for decades, and receive reduced taxes and royalties on oil and gas production.

They even provide subsidies to casinos. Casinos?  Talk about welfare.

The subsidies provided to B.C. corporations would fill this newspaper page.

The Liberals have an appetite to transfer our provincial wealth from the hands of the people to the already rich fat cat corporations. I see no outrage from Fletcher on this social engineering.

Fletcher is too narrow-minded politically to make a good legislative columnist. He needs to be more grounded and balanced.  I would suggest he edit a landscaping and gardening column.

Klaus Nenn