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Argument about meters lacks balanced process

NANAIMO – Re: Letters on meters offer strange view, Letters, Nov. 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Letters on meters offer strange view, Letters, Nov. 24.

Keith Skelchley’s analogy is flawed.

Jim Smith’s letter is so factual that trying to twist it around makes no sense.

Skelchley would like to, for whatever reason, discredit the comparisons Smith makes regarding big business twisted promotions regardless to any adverse affect on the unsuspecting customer.

It’s all about money and control.

If we were to follow Skelchley’s analogy, it would be like saying don’t worry this man would never rob you. He has only robbed people in Victoria, he has never robbed anyone in Nanaimo.

B.C. Hydro would never do this. It is not a tobacco company, it would never mislead you.

As far as the media coverage of the smart meters, it is either positively promoted and  funded by industry, or shot down by people who have done their own research.

Unlike the harmonized sales tax, there is no government funding to provide for both sides of the story to be heard. Should that process be allowed and a referendum taken on the smart meter program, it would not survive.

It is difficult to understand given what has transpired in other countries that anyone without a monetary bias would be in favour of this ill-conceived human experiment.

Serge Vaillancourt