Anti-terrorism act will lead to atmosphere of fear in Canada

This Orwellian Bill C-51 will only make us all fear more. It will limit our rights.

To the Editor,

Re: Political protest, March 19.

It is hard to imagine how a new bunch of laws could pick out the terrorists from general population while existing laws are impotent to harvest rapists, killers, gangsters, polluters, and such. This Orwellian Bill C-51 will only make us all fear more. It will limit our rights and submit everyone to constant surveillance, spying and arbitrary arrests. It will make anyone a suspect, subject to accusations and detention with no access to defence due to secrecy of indictment details.

There is, statistically, more certainty to get crushed by a moose or hit by lightning than to be blown up by a terrorist here. If this bill is adopted, a writing like this could get me imprisoned.

We already have laws needed to handle each and every security or crime issue. Make them work first and we all will fight together any terrorist threat to our free Canada.

Zlatko ZvekicNanaimo


To the Editor,

Bill C-51 wasn’t necessary in the First World War, the Second World War or the Cuban Missile Crisis and it isn’t today. I side against it.

I encourage Canadians to learn more about how we can work together to stop secret police Bill C-51.

Peter GoldNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: ‘Secret police’ state isn’t right for Canada, Letters, March 19.

Galloping gestapos Batman. Shadowy and secret police? Government spies? Trampled rights and freedoms? No more democracy or free speech? CSIS agents behind every lamp post? And finally the dystopian world of George Orwell’s 1984.

All this just when I thought that apocalyptic climate change scaremongering was as scary as it gets.

Oh oh, was that something metallic I saw behind one of those signs being waved by wild-eyed protesters?

Jim CorderNanaimo


To the Editor,

Terrorism now goes on anywhere in the world besides its headquarters in the Middle East.

Many Conservative politicians have spent endless hours of work in discussing the contents of Bill C-51, and I doubt that any one of us has actually read the bill.

As I am free of guilt of any kind I appreciate that our government has taken steps to try to keep all of us safer from terrorism.

Ralph ForshawNanaimo


To the Editor,

The government’s secret police Bill C-51 is reckless, dangerous, and ineffective. It must be stopped.

Jack WaynerNanaimo