Annex’s shortcoming costs taxpayers

NANAIMO – Re: Council to hold committee at auditorium, Dec. 22.

To the Editor,

Re: Council to hold committee at auditorium, Dec. 22.

I find it interesting Nanaimo city council unanimously approved a motion by Coun. Fred Pattje to keep committee of the whole meetings at the Shaw Auditorium so meetings can continue to be recorded and uploaded to the city’s website.

It seems the boardroom in the new $12-million annex does not come with recording equipment and would cost $90,000 that is not in the budget.

Once again city staff and council has looked at a problem and decided just to spend money. They may not see renting the auditorium for these meetings as an expense, but I do.

The real question in today’s world of communication is why was there not equipment put in the original plan for the annex?

Everyone is communicating on iPads, cellphones and Internet, so why not the city?

Is it that city staff and council fear that the taxpayers of Nanaimo will find out how they spend our money?

Terry Wagstaff