West Marsh now protected

City of Nanaimo and Ducks Unlimited Canada purchas wetland area known as the West Marsh.

Diana Johnstone

Diana Johnstone

This past fall the City of Nanaimo and Ducks Unlimited Canada announced they had purchased the wetland area adjacent to Buttertubs Marsh commonly known as the West Marsh.

While both the city and DUC contributed funds toward the purchase, a third party provided substantial funding by way of an ecological gift through the federal government’s Ecological Gifts program.

The city and DUC have worked together on creating a park management plan that outlines the primary goals and issues for the marsh. The local wetlands are home to several species of birds.

With Buttertubs Marsh already a popular spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, the option to open the West Marsh to similar limited and passive public use will be explored.

The primary goal of the management plan is environmental conservation, which includes habitat enhancement, reduction and control of invasive species and monitoring to ensure ecological integrity.

The city and DUC have a history of working together in the co-management of Buttertubs Marsh and  will continue the relationship to ensure the West Marsh also remains a protected green space for all to learn from and enjoy.

Ducks Unlimited Canada partners with government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners to conserve wetlands that are critical to waterfowl, wildlife and the environment. For more information, please go to www.ducks.ca.