Water main project could slow traffic on Nanaimo Parkway

NANAIMO - Project to construct water main on College Drive to last until March.

Construction is about to get underway for a new water supply main.

A new 750-millimetre diameter water main will be built along the Nanaimo Parkway and College Drive to connect to the city’s reservoirs, the City of Nanaimo said in a press release Monday.

Construction will begin in early November and last until March.

During daytime hours from late November through early January, the parkway will have one southbound lane closed south of the College Drive/Fifth Street intersection and from January through March. College Drive could see temporary closures and restricted traffic access.

In winter months it can be difficult to see construction vehicles and personnel and drivers are asked to be especially cautious while travelling southbound on the parkway and obey all construction signs and traffic-control personnel.

“This water supply main will carry a major portion of the city’s drinking water. It is a critical piece of our infrastructure,” said Bill Sims, city water resources manager, in the release.” We will try to keep inconvenience to motorists to a minimum and appreciate everyone’s patience during construction. Please drive carefully on the parkway while we’re working there.”

To learn more about the project, please visit http://cnan.ca/2fhiBEr.

To view a map of the water main project online, please visit http://bit.ly/2fwJlUu.