Walk with Lisa remembers missing Nanaimo woman

Joanne Young wonders what her daughter Lisa Marie Young would be doing today and what kind of woman she would have become.

Joanne Young wonders what her daughter would be doing today and what kind of woman she would have become.

Lisa Marie Young went missing June 30, 2002, after she left a house party. A man in a red Jaguar was going to give her a ride to a Subway restaurant and then home, but she never appeared at either location and has not been seen since.

Young would have turned 30 this year.

“I often wonder if she would be a mom by now or following her dreams of a good career,” Joanne Young said. “She often spoke of becoming a sportswriter or broadcaster – that kind of thing. She loved sports.”

A walk and vigil is planned for July 30, starting at Diana Krall Plaza at 2 p.m.

Young named this year’s event Walk with Lisa to reflect the continuing efforts solve the case of her daughter’s disappearance.

Last year’s walk and vigil drew about 40 people and Young hopes more will come out this year.

In spite of crime re-enactments and other efforts by police to generate tips and leads, no breakthroughs that could lead to solving the case have been made in recent years.

“None,” said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman. “It’s still an active investigation.”

Still, Young remains hopeful.

“The police tell us that they’re working on tips that come in, so that gives us some hope that they’re still working on it,” she said.

The walk will follow a route up Skinner Street past Club 241, formerly the Jungle Cabaret, one of the places Young was last seen prior to her disappearance, before winding its way down to the waterfront and Maffeo Sutton Park for a vigil.