Updated: Kevin Addison found guilty of first-degree murder in Nanaimo mill shooting

NANAIMO – Jury finds Kevin Addison guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder.

Lorraine McEachern

Lorraine McEachern

Families of victims of the April 30, 2014 downtown Nanaimo Western Forest Products mill shooting feel justice has been served with the shooter found guilty of murder.

Kevin Douglas Addison, 49, was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Michael Lunn and Fred McEachern and charged with the attempted murders of Tony Sudar and Earl Kelly. A jury of six women and six men found Addison guilty of all four counts in B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday.

A date to fix sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 17.

“I don’t think [Addison is] going to see the light of day and you know what? It’s unfortunate, though, again. All our families have been disrupted to say the least, but you know what? We’re strong, we’re going to go forward. This is a great example of justice being served and we’re really happy with the verdict,” said Marlene Lunn, Michael’s widow.

Marlene and Lorraine McEachern, Fred’s widow, both said there is a sense of closure and peace.

“It has been [difficult] re-living it, but you know, today was great that they did the verdict today, because the guys died on a Wednesday and Kevin didn’t seem to remember the day of the week, but we never forgot it, so it’s kind of justice that it happened on a Wednesday,” said Lunn.

During the trial, testimony revealed that Fred McEachern helped subdue Addison. Lorraine  McEachern said she was happy that came to light.

“We knew all that had happened and it was just really nice for that to be able to come out so the public knows what really happened,” said Lorraine.

John Gustafson, Addison’s lawyer, didn’t wish to comment. Scott Van Alstine and Nick Barber, Crown co-counsel couldn’t be reached for comment.