UPDATE: Police trying to identify mystery woman

Nanaimo Mounties hope the public can help put a name to a woman they have so far been unable to identify.

Police are asking for public help identifying this woman.

Police are asking for public help identifying this woman.

The mystery behind a mystery woman’s identity has been solved, but due to privacy issues, Mounties cannot tell anyone who she is, where she is from or where she is now living.

Nanaimo RCMP put out a plea to the public to help put a name to a woman they were unable to identify after they arrested her at Samaritan House, a women’s shelter on Nicol Street, April 16.

She had been at the shelter several days before staff called police over the woman’s erratic behaviour.

“She was scaring staff and they had concerns for her safety and the well being of staff and tenants,” O’Brien said. “We arrested her under the Mental Health Act.”

The woman was taken to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital where she remained until April 27 before when she was transferred to Burnaby General Hospital.

Police ran checks on names the woman provided through the Motor Vehicle Branch, Ministry of Health Services and checked for a record of her fingerprints before putting out the public call for assistance Thursday.

She was identified shortly after her photo and description were published when police received several calls from the public.

But police cannot publicly release the woman’s true identity.

“We can’t tell you,” said Const. Gary O’Brien. “All I can tell you is she’s 35. I can’t even tell you where she’s from. She’s been released from hospital and she is now residing in a British Columbia community. ”