Two hikers rescued from Nanaimo’s Mount Benson during storm

NANAIMO – Search and rescue team finds wet, tired hikers on Mount Benson.

Nanaimo Search and Rescue was called out during Wednesday night’s storm to find two hikers lost on Mount Benson.

According to Nanaimo RCMP, search and rescue was called at about 4:30 p.m. after two female hikers, ages 16 and 25, called 911 to report they lost their way during the return from a day hike up Mount Benson. The hikers provided their location with GPS on a cellphone.

They were not dressed for the weather and had no means to start a fire. The hikers were told to stay put.

About an hour later, 15 trained search and rescue members set off from Kilpatrick Road to look for the lost hikers, locating them at about 7:30 p.m. The hikers were tired and wet, but grateful, as the search and rescue team escorted them off the mountain and back to their vehicle.

“This is just another classic example of the dedication and commitment [search and rescue] provides on any given day, regardless of the circumstances,” said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman, in a press release. “The conditions could not have been worse but without hesitation, these volunteers set off to do what they are trained to do and successfully carried out their duties.”

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