Trustees considering re-examining school district strategic plan

NANAIMO – With Nanaimo school district's strategic plan containing outdated language, the education committee will review it.

Nanaimo school district trustees and staff are looking to re-examine, and possibly revamp, the district strategic plan.

The plan is a document that defines key areas of focus as the district works toward supporting student learning.

With a number of first-time trustees on the board, and the fact there is some outdated language in the plan, trustees said at last week’s education committee meeting it would be a good time for a review.

“Seeing that we’ve done some of the heavy lifting and it’s behind us and we have a path forward, I think it’s important for us, as a board, to dig in to our strategic plan and at this committee, also with our stakeholders at the table, to start having a bit of a discussion about where we sit with the strategic plan and what our next steps should be,” said Stephanie Higginson, education committee chairwoman.

Committee members and stakeholders, who include parent advisory council, teachers and support workers’ union representatives and staff, will look over part of the document and report back at the next committee meeting, and subsequent committee meetings, for further discussion.