Cutline: Costco employee Jermey Loewen

Cutline: Costco employee Jermey Loewen

Trio recognized for saving Costco shopper’s life

NANAIMO – Three Costco employees were presented with the Life Saving Award by St. John Ambulance on Wednesday morning.

A trio of Costco employees have been recognized for saving the life of a shopper.

Costco workers Jolene Damborg, Jeremy Loewen and Tim Wicks, who are all trained in first aid response, were presented with the Live Saving Award by representatives from St. John Ambulance on Wednesday.

“It is not something that we expect,” Wicks said. “We are here to help our members, but to be recognized for what we do is just above and beyond for sure.”

Last year, Donna Rose was shopping at the north-end store when she suddenly collapsed, wound up unconscious and had no heartbeat. The three employees rushed to Rose’s side and provided immediate first aid assistance until paramedics were able to arrive on scene.

Rose credits the three employees’ quick actions for saving her life, adding that there is now a special bond between them.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them,” Rose said.

Damborg, Loewen and Wicks also received the President’s Award, the highest award a Costco employee can receive.

“It is quite overwhelming to receive all the awards because it is not what we are looking for … but I was happy to help at the time,” Damborg said. “I am so glad it didn’t end any differently.”