Transition plan in place for Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation

NANAIMO – Corporation begins search for new chief executive officer.

Sasha Angus, Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation’s chief executive officer, is clearing his desk to put family business ahead of economic development.

Angus and his family are moving to Victoria where his wife is a professor of linguistics at the University of Victoria. His final day is Oct. 1.

Angus was hired in August 2012 to helm economic development. Although SSS Manhao cancelled its bid to build a conference centre hotel, Angus leaves behind ongoing major projects, including the downtown Hilton Hotel development and the foot ferry to Vancouver. Angus assesses equal importance to the Hilton Hotel and fast ferry, so maintaining consistent relations with investors and developers is important.

“We’ll be working with the proponents to move them as far down the field as we can and then to make sure the transition’s a smooth one for them later on this fall,” Angus said.

The NEDC board engaged Vancouver-based recruitment firm Davies Park Executive Search Consultants to help find Angus’ replacement by the end of November.

The economic development corporation’s board and senior staff will manage day-to-day operations during the transition. They’ll continue working with project proponents they have relationships with while Angus connects staff and board members with proponents whom they haven’t met.

Andre Sullivan, board chairman, said the majority of the work isn’t about large projects, although Angus will continue to work on those with the board until he leaves for Victoria.

“It’s the day-to-day, Square One, coaching, mentoring, business attraction and retention programs. They may not get all the attention, but that’s where the vast majority of the work is.”