Teachers will not do report cards

Labour Relations Board rules against employers' association's application

Teachers will not prepare report cards and the union will not have to reimburse employers 15 per cent of teachers’ salaries.

The Labour Relations Board has denied the B.C. Public School Employers’ Association’s application that would require teachers to prepare and distribute report cards and require the B.C. Teachers’ Federation to pay school districts an amount equal to 15 per cent of teachers’ gross salaries and benefits each month for work that teachers are not performing during the job action.

The LRB ruling noted that there is no assertion that teachers are working only 85 per cent of their scheduled time while getting paid for 100 per cent and that both parties agreed to terms of the job action over the summer.

The Nanaimo District Teachers’ Association has maintained that teachers are still assessing students and communicating with parents, just not in the form of a formal report card or meet-the-teacher nights.

Hollie Tarasewich, president of the District Parent Advisory Council, said she’s heard no complaints from parents regarding communicating with teachers about how their children are doing.

“I haven’t talked to anyone feeling out of the loop,” she said. “[Parents] felt that they had better meetings, more in-depth.”