Lantzville District Hall shown above

Lantzville District Hall shown above

Special Lantzville council meeting focuses on water pipe

LANTZVILLE – Special meeting takes place on Aug. 3 at 6 p.m.

The construction of a water pipeline is on the agenda for a special Lantzville council meeting set for Wednesday night.

At the meeting, Lantzville councillors are expected to vote on whether to tender a contract that would allow for the construction of a pipeline connecting the District of Lantzville to the City of Nanaimo’s water supply system.

In 2014, Lantzville and Nanaimo signed a water agreement that would take effect the moment a pipeline connection is made between the two municipalities.

Lantzville has recently begun working toward a water master plan and is pushing to amend portions of the current water agreement with the City of Nanaimo.

Lantzville Mayor Colin Haime said Wednesday’s special council meeting would only focus on the construction of the pipeline.

“Basically, what is on the agenda is all the information that we have provided by either council or staff,” he said.

The construction of a pipeline is estimated to cost Lantzville around $800,000. The special council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at Lantzville’s district hall.