Regional District of Nanaimo plans to extend agreement for Cedar Heritage Centre

NANAIMO – Staff are expected to work on a lease and site licence agreement extension for the Cedar Heritage Centre.

Regional District of Nanaimo staff are working on a lease and site licence agreement extension for operation of Cedar Heritage Centre.

With the deal with operators Cedar School and Community Enhancement Society expiring Dec. 31, an extension until the end of December 2016 is sought.

The regional district said it will consider future recreation service delivery models during that time.

According to Alec McPherson, regional district director for Cedar, some area schools, including the secondary school, aren’t accessible due to work being done as part of the Nanaimo school district’s enhanced facilities plan.

“This is just a simple contract, as I say, until we can see how the dust settles with the high school and the elementary schools … Until those decisions are made, we thought we would be better off having some breathing room. Basically, it’s very difficult to plan, when you don’t know what the future holds,” said McPherson.

The community centre was formerly North Cedar Elementary School.