Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay

Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay

Regional District of Nanaimo appoints McKay to rail board

NANAIMO – Bill McKay will once again represent the Regional District of Nanaimo on the Island Corridor Foundation board.

The Regional District of Nanaimo board has again selected Nanaimo director and Mayor Bill McKay to represent it on the Island Corridor Foundation board.

Regional district directors voted to ratify and confirm McKay’s appointment at their regular meeting Tuesday.

McKay previously had to leave the board room during Island rail discussions due to a perceived conflict of interest, but will no longer have to do so thanks to changes in provincial legislation, said Dennis Trudeau, regional district acting CAO, at the board meeting.

“Recently the Province of B.C. put out amendments to the conflict of interest regulations to address regional board appointees to outside committees,” Trudeau said. “Our lawyers have drafted the following motion so our appointee fits the regulations and our appointee will not have to leave meetings for conflict of interest concerns.”