Province rolls out red light cameras

Nanaimo receives one ISC at Island Highway and Norwell Drive.

Drivers should always be cautious when approaching intersections, but Nanaimo drivers will want to be exceptionally cautious at the Island Highway and Norwell Drive intersection now that red-light cameras are installed.

The cameras are part of a provincewide effort by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General that will see 140 cameras operating across the province at intersections considered to be high-risk.

ICBC statistics indicate about 250 crashes occur daily at intersections in British Columbia. The cameras detect and photograph vehicles running a red light and are expected to reduce casualty crashes by as much as six per cent annually.

“We’re committed to making our roads safer,” said Fiona Temple, ICBC director of road safety. “Some of the most serious crashes occur at intersections so whether you’re a driver, cyclist or a pedestrian we all need to use extra caution at intersections.”

Violation tickets carry a fine of $167, which can be reduced $25 if paid within 30 days, and all revenue will be directed back to B.C. municipalities to help fund community police programs.

Vehicle owners do not receive driver penalty points for red light camera offenses, and all intersections using the cameras will feature signage alerting drivers intersection safety cameras are in use.