Preliminary hearing dates to be set for accused in Nanaimo shooting

NANAIMO – The man accused in April's Western Forest Products mill shootings will see his next court date on Sept. 16.

The man accused in April’s Western Forest Products mill shootings will see his next court date on Sept. 16 when dates will be confirmed for a preliminary hearing.

Kevin Douglas Addison, 47 at the time of the incident, stands accused of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder and appeared via video link in Nanaimo provincial court Tuesday. He has been ordered to appear in person at Nanaimo for the Sept. 16 date.

“They sent us away to the judicial case manager to get (preliminary hearing) dates and then there’s an in-person appearance on Sept. 16 to confirm the dates,” said James Kulla, Crown counsel. “So basically come into court and say, ‘These are the dates we have.’”

Fred McEachern and Michael Lunn were killed and Tony Sudar and Earl Kelly were wounded when Addison allegedly opened fire at Western Forest Products’ mill in Nanaimo on April 30.

Marlene and Marcy Lunn, Michael’s wife and daughter respectively, were at court Tuesday and said they were doing as well as could be expected as the case works through the system.

“It’s the justice system, it gives [Addison] more time to think about what he’s done and we’re hoping that he’ll make the right decision when it comes and Sept. 16, that’s a good sign,” Marlene said. “That means things are moving, the wheels are turning. The justice system isn’t exactly the fastest.”

Marlene said she doesn’t feel anger toward Addison and is prepared for his in-court appearance as she has attended previous hearings.

“I think he looks a lot more sane than he did [his first appearance] and he’s had lots of time to think and we’ll deal with it,” she said.

The preliminary inquiry will take place over four days.