Popular park sees upgrade

NANAIMO – City improves stairs at Blueback Road beach access.

There is nothing quite like a set of stairs to provide a great indication of how in shape one is.

And as of Friday, a significant portion of the 300-plus stairs at the Blueback Road beach access is in better shape to handle the workouts residents put themselves through.

City work crews have been upgrading the stairs to improve public safety.

“We’ve replaced the middle-third railway-tie stairs with wooden stairs and hand rails to match the lower-third,” said Ian Blackwood, facility maintenance and construction manager. “The top-third is slated for repair next year.”

Part of the parks, recreation and culture Beach Access Program, the work at Blueback cost close to $8,000.

“We completed a set of stairs on Stevenson Point Road this year, upgraded the stairs at Invermere Road last year and will be looking at work on the stairs at Seabold Road hopefully next year,” said Blackwood.