Pensioners claim wallet found in Nanaimo bakery

NANAIMO – Police reunite owners of distinctive wallet discovered full of cash in lost and found.

It only took a few questions for Nanaimo RCMP to be sure they were about to hand a wallet full of cash back to its rightful owner.

The wallet was turned over to police by staff at Columbia Bakery recently after they discovered it in the company’s lost and found box. It was filled with cash, but contained no identification.

It turned out the wallet and money belonged to a 90-year-old woman and her husband, 83, who called police after reading in a newspaper article that it had been found.

The couple believe they lost the purse about a week or two before Christmas when they stopped in to the Columbia bakery for a coffee. The couple tried repeatedly to retrace their movements to no avail, had reconciled themselves to the idea it would never be found and were shocked to read about the discovery and that it had been turned over to the Nanaimo RCMP.

“We are so pleased to have been able to assist this lovely couple. They are both pensioners and have worked hard for every penny they have earned. Losing that amount of cash was troubling to say the least, and lead to many sleepless nights, “said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman.

The couple, who asked not to be identified, are thankful to Columbia Bakery employees and local media.