Parents seek support from Nanaimo school district for anti-bullying program

NANAIMO – Trustees vote whether to grant $15,000 for anti-bullying program.

The Nanaimo school district is expected to vote on whether to grant $15,000 to the district parents advisory council for a district-wide, anti-bullying campaign tomorrow night (Nov. 26).

The school board’s education committee had previously heard a presentation from the advisory council regarding the campaign. It would include such items as pamphlets, other support materials and presentations for staff, students and their parents. The committee is recommending approval.

“They’re looking for the funding in order to support guest speakers and distribution of the pamphlet and to support educational materials for the adults engaged in the program,” said Kim Howland, trustee and education committee chairwoman.

She said the school district’s involvement will include looking for opportunities to allow the adults in the system to have the education and training that the advisory council would put on for parents and students.

“[The advisory council] is working with the education partners to try and find those opportunities to jointly support the document and materials,” Howland said.

If approved at that regular board meeting, the money would come from the operating budget for the 2014-15 school year.

The Nanaimo parents advisory council did not respond to requests for comment.