Off-duty Nanaimo RCMP officer nabs suspected mail thieves

Off-duty Nanaimo RCMP officer nabs suspected mail thieves

NANAIMO – Observant officer spots suspicious activity near open mailboxes early Sunday morning.

An off-duty Nanaimo RCMP officer is being credited with assisting in the arrest of two suspected mail thieves.

According to Nanaimo RCMP, at about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, the officer was driving by a set of mailboxes in the Superior and Harley roads area north of Nanaimo when he saw two adults who appeared to be rummaging through mail in front of several open mailboxes.

When the RCMP member approached, the two suspects sped off in a vehicle. The officer followed them from a safe distance until the vehicle was eventually stopped near Jingle Pot Road. Police described finding a large quantity of unopened mail and a variety of break-in tools.

Nanaimo RCMP arrested Robert McKay, 40, and Michelle McCallum, 39, who were charged with four counts of mischief to Canada Post mailboxes, theft of mail, possession of stolen property and possession of break-in tools.

McKay and McCallum are being held in custody until Thursday (Dec. 15).