Occupiers issued notices for court appearance

Nanaimo takes first steps to remove occupiers from downtown plaza.

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

The city has taken its first steps to get Occupy Nanaimo protestors to vacate Diana Krall Plaza.

Nanaimo RCMP handed packages, containing orders to appear in B.C. Supreme Court and details of city grievances against the people camped out in the plaza, to about 10 people Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

The occupiers named in the document must appear before a B.C. Supreme Court judge Friday  (Dec. 9) at 10 a.m.

Matthew O’Donnell, Occupy Nanaimo spokesman, said the order was not unexpected, but he was surprised the orders arrived Thursday afternoon.

“We didn’t expect it today,” O’Donnell said. “Mayor John Ruttan came down earlier today and he said – as he also said yesterday – that he would make sure that we were involved and that he would be communicating with us to let us know, basically, how the process is working.”

Thursday at 9 a.m. was the city’s deadline to have the occupiers move from the site or it would start proceedings to move those camped out in the plaza.

Ruttan visited the plaza around 9 a.m.

“I think that as a lot of these issues, as they unfold, maybe there will be some changes, but the nice thing is that we’re always able to talk,” Ruttan said .

The mayor did not give any indication when proceedings might start.

O’Donnell said he would be consulting with the group’s lawyer.

“In the meantime we’re going to be here until the hearing happens – until we get our day in court,” he said.