NanGo Grannies support annual cycling fundraiser

NANAIMO – A three-day cycling tour to raise money for AIDS-affected grandmothers in Africa stop in Nanaimo Saturday (Sept 7).

A group of grandmothers, cycling across Vancouver Island on a three-day tour to raise funds for AIDS-affected grandmothers in Africa, will make a stop in Nanaimo Saturday (Sept. 7).

The Victoria Grandmothers for Africa will embark on its seventh annual VG4A Cycle Tour starting tomorrow at Campbell River and will make a stop at the Lions Pavilion in Maffeo-Sutton Park between noon and 1 p.m.

Grandmother groups from across the Island feed the cyclists every 25 to 30 kilometres. Lunch will be provided by the NanGo Grannies on Saturday and will give the cycling grandmothers some much-needed energy as they continue their journey, which will conclude Sunday (Sept. 8) in Victoria with a meeting with African grandmothers.

“This is such a special year because we will meet representatives of the African grandmothers we raise money for,” said Christine Scott, an organizer of the annual ride. “I know that I will be inspired by the African grandmothers who rely on bikes for such different reasons than we do. I certainly hope that (people) of all walks of life will join us for this emotional celebration.”

Thirty grandmothers, hailing from Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Lower Mainland, will cycle 275 kilometres during the 2013 tour. Since its inception, the event raised almost $300,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which helps AIDS-affected African grandmothers.

The wrap-up celebration in Victoria will take place 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. on the lawn of the B.C. legislature on Sunday.

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