Nanaimo will issue public updates on watering restrictions

NANAIMO – City staff will watch water levels, issue public updates in wake of no snow pack at Jump Creek reservoir.

Water levels are being closely watched by Nanaimo city staff, which will issue bi-weekly updates on water restrictions.

The city has announced there will be no changes to watering restrictions with Level 1 kicking in as normal this June. But with no snow pack at Jump Creek and the risk of long stretches of dry weather quickly depleting the reservoir, city staff members will closely monitor water consumption, reservoir levels and weather each week.

The public will get biweekly status updates that include whether the conservation level remains at Level 1 or be increased, according to a press release.

“This year, due to the low snow pack, we want to ramp up communications with the public so there are no surprises if we find it necessary to shift to Level 2 restrictions,” said Bill Sims, the city’s manager of  water resources.

Level 1 watering instructions mean odd numbered house addresses can water on odd days of the month, like June 1, 3 and 5, while even addresses can water on even days.

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