Nanaimo Value Village employees find U.S. cash in donated purse

NANAIMO – Owner has 90 days to claim cash before it is awarded to finder.

Value Village employees discovered a small purse filled with greenbacks last week.

The find was made Friday when employees plucked a purse shaped like a green frog from a donations bin at the University Village mall store. Inside, they discovered what Nanaimo RCMP describe as a significant amount of U.S. currency in varying denominations.

Store employees called police, who seized the purse and its contents and will hold them for 90 days to give its owner a chance to claim them. After 90 days the finder is entitled to the items.

“The person who lost the money would be able to indicate, very close, how much money and what kind of denominations it was,” said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman.

To claim the purse and money please call Nanaimo RCMP detachment at 250-754-2345.