Nanaimo trustees consulting on strategic plan

NANAIMO – Senior managers and trustees are heading out to all schools next month to begin consultations on the district's strategic plan.

Senior managers and trustees are heading out to all schools next month to begin consultations with staff, parents and students on what they would like to see included in the district’s strategic plan.

The school board, with senior administrators, is developing a comprehensive blueprint for how educational programs and services will be delivered well into the future, a plan that will guide all future decisions that trustees make.

Jamie Brennan, school board chairman, said the district wants to make sure people have ample opportunity to provide input, which will be considered in developing the draft plan.

The meetings – scheduled to last two hours in the evening in every school in the district – are open to school staff, parents, students and members of the school community.

“It’s very much open for people to comment and provide input to us,” he said.

Brennan said the plan will be developed within the context of the board’s vision and goals, which will be presented at the meetings. Trustees will be asking people what they think a well-developed, purposeful education system looks like.

Ideal school size, a year-round school calendar, what types of programs and extra-curricular activities are essential, and the possibility of secondary schools specializing in different areas are some of the topics on which the district wants feedback, he said.

“We want to hear from people what they think of these possibilities,” said Brennan.

A draft strategic plan will be sent out for public comment hopefully early in the fall.

“We hope to be finished everything by November,” said Brennan.

Donna Reimer, school district spokeswoman, said a schedule of the school meetings will be on the district’s website and distributed to schools by the end of the week.

Staff are also developing an online feedback option and setting up meetings with employee and community groups, she added.